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Commonwealth Games day two as it happened

  1. 03:59 Commentary  

    Yawn, there is something not quite right about setting your alarm for 02:30, like eating a very brown banana or watching a Eddie Murphy film made after the 1980s. But the sticky eyelids and furry tongue are worth it when there is swimming on offer on day two of the Commonwealth Games.

  2. 04:02 Commentary  

    I'm Pranav Soneji and I am a Ryder Cup addict. Monday's drama and tension was unbearable at times, but what compelling viewing/listening/reading. Hopefully the atmopshere in Delhi on day two will be on a par (quite clearly no pun intended, but serendipitous nonetheless) with Celtic Manor. With 15 gold medals on offer, hopefully the Indian public will be barging through the doors at the Dr S P Mukherjee Swimming Stadium. Much better name than Highgrove... First off we have the men's 50m fly qualifying.

  3. 04:13 Swimming  

    Unsurprisingly, the Aussies are dominating the qualifying heats of the men's 50m butterfly, with Geoff Huegill - the man who lost over seven stone in weight (45kg) to get in shape to win a medal in Delhi. Huegill was world champion in the 50m fly back in 2001 but retired after the Athens Olympics in 2004. He piled on the pounds after hanging his competitive goggles up but in 2008 he announced he was hitting the pool again - shedding almost a third of his body weight to get back into shape ("from six-packs to six-pack" was one of the headlines in the Aussie tabloids on his return).

  4. 04:19 Swimming  

    England's Antony James, Scotland's Andrew Mayor and Guernsey's Ian Powell are all through to the semi-finals of the 50m fly while world 100m women's backstroke champion Gemma Spofforth of England finishes second in the second qualifying heat behind Georgia Davies of Wales, while defending Commonwealth champion Sophie Edington of Australia touches third. All three are through to the semi-finals, along with European silver medallist Lizzie Simmonds.

  5. 04:28 Commentary  

    So who is out in Delhi at the moment? If you are out and about, you can text me on +44 7786200666 (worldwide - messages will be charged at your standard operator rate), or 81111 if you are closer to UK shores. Meanwhile, BBC commentators Adrian Moorhouse and Andy Jameson are aghast to see Indian swimmer Puneet Rana wearing a watch during the men's 100m breaststroke. I'm sensing that's a bad thing...

  6. 04:35 Swimming  

    World 100m breaststroke champion Brenton Rickard glides into the semi-finals, closely followed by South African Cameron van der Burgh, who will be favourite for the 50m event. Also looking in tip-top shape is Christian Sprenger, the current 200m world champion. They will be joined by eight home nation swimmers in the semi-finals.

  7. 04:47 Hockey  

    Over at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium (London 2012 organisers take note of these awesome names), venue for hockey, England's women are 2-0 up against Wales at half-time. Crista Cullen is on target for the World Cup bronze medallists. Meanwhile, swinging past the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, England's netballers are taking on South Africa in their Group B encounter.

  8. 04:59 Commentary  

    Crista Cullen unleashes a drag flick from a second-half short corner routine to put England 3-0 against Wales, completing her hat-trick in the process. All three goals have come from short corners too. In the pool, European 100m freestyle champion Fran Halsall of England touches second in her heat behind Australia's Amy Palmer. Liverpudlian Halsall is one six swimmers from the home nations to qualify for the semi-finals, a group which includes Scotland's Caitlin McClatchey, who failed to qualify for the 200m freestyle final and defend her 2006 gold medal.

  9. 05:07 Commentary  

    England are cruising the hockey right now - Charlotte Craddock has put England 4-0 up. Unfortunately the S.P. Mukherjee Swimming Stadium is bereft of spectators this morning. All we have is sporadic clusters strewn around the venue and most of those are in possession of an Aussie flag, the St George and the odd Saltire. Must do better...

  10. 05:16 Swimming  

    The men's 200m freestyle heats are looking tasty, especially in the final heat which includes Robbie Renwick, the fastest Briton over the distance this year. The Scot touches ahead of Kenrick Monk to win the heat in 1:48.73 with England's Ross Davenport in third. Defending champion Davenport just makes the final, qualifying as the eighth fastest. Four Brits in the final - should be a corker.

  11. 05:26 Netball  

    England's netballers have the measure of their South African opponents - they're 11-8 up after the first quarter. England, bronze medallists in Melbourne four years ago, need a victory to ensure their Group B campaign begins confidently because they face defending champions New Zealand in their next match on Thursday.

  12. 05:32 Hockey  

    It's all over in the hockey - England have won 4-1 against Wales, with Sarah Thomas grabbing a late goal for the Welsh. If it's any consolation, it was by far the goal of the match following a mazy run into the "D". Crista Cullen's short corners are looking particularly spicy right now, smashing in a hat-trick for the world bronze medallists.

  13. 05:39 Commentary  

    OK, so I have a theory about the sparse crowds. It's because everyone is sat open-mouthed watching an enthralling day five of the first Test between India and Australia in Mohali. Sachin Tendulkar is at the crease, alongside VVS Laxman, which might explain the huge spike in the Indian national grid as half a billion television sets turn on simultaneously. India need 216 to win and are currently 96-5. The word "knife-edge" springs to mind.

  14. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    05:50 Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range  

    "I'm at shooting today on the trail of the first indian gold - and today is Abhinav Bindra's chance in the 10m air rifle pairs with Gagan Narang. After 20 or so shots of the 60 shot final, England are ranked first with James Huckle shooting the lights out (not literally, you understand) - he's hit 14 perfect 10s in a row. Partner Kenny Parr had dropped two points but it's good enough for the lead. Tension in the stands as you have to be absolutely silent..."

  15. 06:02 Commentary  

    With five minutes to go in the opening netball match of day two, England are 30-23 up against South Africa. Don't think we're going to see a similar score over at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, where Scotland skip on to the field to face three-time Olympic hockey champions Pakistan. Scotland are coached by 1988 Olympic gold medallist Russell Garcia and goalkeeper Alistair McGregor is the centre of a special presentation for winning his 100th cap for his country. He is handed what looks like a silver chalice by England and Wales Cricket Board chief executive David Collier (no idea why Mr Collier) but there is no-one there to applaud his achievement. Where is everybody?

  16. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    06:05 Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range  

    "Abhinav Bindra has just stepped back from the range to have a chat with his coach Stanislav Lapudis. Stan whipped out a six-inch comb and started doing the reaction test where he drops it above the thumb and forefinger of Bindra with no warning. We used to call that the "Klutz test" in the school playground. Bindra caught it every time. India back in front at the half-way point with a combined total of 596, while England, on 593, are good enough for second.

  17. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    06:11 Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range  

    "OK this has turned a bit unpleasant - India have finished with a great total of 1193. England are closest behind but having missed at least 18 between them can't get ahead again. Definitely first Indian gold here but it's been heralded by an almighty media scrum in the stands. No reflection at all on Bindra and Narang but there are loads of competitors still shooting and some very miffed-looking coaches in the stands."

  18. 06:18 Hockey  

    Tremendous save from Alistair McGregor, hurling himself full length as Pakistan's Waqas pulls the trigger inside the D to ensure the match remains goalless 15 minutes into the first half. And ther PE teacher pulls off another outstanding save from a short corner, diving to his right to keep Imran's bullet-like strike from rattling into the top corner.

  19. 06:24 Commentary  

    It's all over in the netball and England have begun their Group B campaign with a confidence-boosting 54-36 win over South Africa. High-fives all round at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex. Meanwhile, 2006 silver medallists Pakistan have just taken a 1-0 lead against Scotland in the hockey as Shakeel Abbasi hits a clever reverse-stick strike past a flat-footed Alistair McGregor.

  20. 06:29 Medal alert  

    India have won their first gold medal of the Games as poster boy Abhinav Bindra and partner Gagan Narang clinch the top podium spot in the men's air rifle pairs. As the BBC's Matthew Pinsent reported earlier, there is an almighty scrum following Bindra at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range and it seems the domestic media has upset a few of the coaches from the other competing nations.

  21. 06:36 Commentary  

    It seems the empty seats around the multitude of brand-spanking new venues have not gone unnoticed. When probed about the lack of spectators during the opening two days, Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell said it is a "concern". He said: 'It was clear there were a number of events where they did not have a lot of spectators. We have not done a full audit but it was so in a few. We are working with the organising committee on that.''

  22. 06:43 Commentary  

    However, Delhi organising chief Suresh Kalmadi believes the empty seats will fill up as the week progresses. "We have set up ticket box offices in every stadium," he said. "There were queues (for tickets). I don't think this (empty seats) will continue for long. There were problems yesterday but we have improved our systems and all the stalls (ticket box offices) are up today."

  23. 06:48 Hockey  

    It's the start of the second half in the men's hockey and Pakistan are currently 2-0 up and looking threatening in the early stages against Scotland.

  24. 06:54 Commentary  

    It's a bit quiet on the text front, I feel as if I'm having a very dull conversation with myself (I leave that for the tube home to ensure I have at least two seats free next to me). So if you're in the process of getting ready for work in the UK, text me on 81111 but do be careful not to get remants of jam or butter from your fingers in between the keys. Or if you are in more tropical climes, punch in +44 7786200666 (all messages will be charged at your standard operator rate) and tell me your thoughts about India's first gold medal, the poor attendances so far or any choice Hindi phrases for our Commonwealth brothers and sisters to learn.

  25. 07:04 Tennis  

    One of the sports which has been hit hard by the number of high-profile withdrawals has been tennis. With no Andy Murray, Elena Baltacha or Sam Stosur, there are only a few - if any - top 100 players in action. However, England's Ross Hutchens isn't particularly bothered by that statistic and he's currently one set up against Pakistan's Aqeel Khan. It's 6-5 in the second set with Khan serving to stay in the match.

  26. 07:11 Tennis  

    This is quite unbelievable - there are more people on court than spectactors at the RK Khanna Tennis Complex - the attendance is like the third day of a county championship cricket match in early May. Organising chief Suresh Kalmadi also said they are looking into the possibility of filling the empty seats with schoolchildren, anything has to be better than turned up plastic seats. The Hutchens-Khan match goes into a second-set tie-break as the Pakistani holds his serve.

  27. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range  

    "Things are a little calmer now - athletes have departed for their medal ceremony and through the settled dust, after the stampede, I can make out the scores - India gold combined score 1193. Gagan Narang scoring a near perfect 598 out of 600. Abhinav Bindra hit 595. English duo James Huckle and Kenny Parr scored 1174, just one point ahead of Bangladesh in bronze position. Huckle seemingly unruffled by the noisy auditorium and is delighted with a silver.

  28. SMS  

    From Purdy, Newcastle: "Not surprised by the low attendances, these things tend to happen when the star athletes stay away. I blame them for jumping on the media bandwagon about all that was wrong with the Games when in reality the opening ceremony has been the best ever and nearly all the athletes that have gone rate the village and facilities very highly!"

  29. 07:31 Cycling  

    The cycling is under way at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex as the Isle of Man's Mark Christian takes on Sam Harrison of Wales in the men's individual pursuit. We have three gold medals on offer at the track on Tuesday - the women's 500m time trial, the men's 1000m time trial and the men's individual pursuit. The first 500m time trial is first up at 0815 BST.

  30. SMS  

    From Anon: "How are the Commonwealth Games supposed to compete with satellite tv's barrage of massively publicised, highly sponsored and often overhyped sports schedule? These Games have the feel of a school sports day (perhaps save the opening ceremony). Delhi, you've spent bundles on not alot I'm afraid."

  31. 07:43 Medal alert  

    Double gold joy for the hosts as Anisa Syyed and Rahee Sarnobat win gold in the women's 25m pistol pairs. It's all going off at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range for India right now.

  32. 07:47 Commentary  

    BBC reporter Ben Moore has just returned from the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium fresh from watching England's 4-1 win over Wales in the women's hockey. Several of the Wales team told him they are suffering stomach problems and had to have injections before the game. Those of you who have ever wielded a backpack around the Pahaganj area of Delhi will be more than familiar with what the Welsh ladies have experienced...

  33. 08:10 Hockey  

    Scotland were given a mammoth task in their opening men's hockey match against three-time Olympic champions Pakistan. Trailing 2-0 down at half-time, the Scots went down to a 3-0 defeat against the silver medallists from Melbourne.

  34. 08:19 Cycling  

    Time to whizz over to the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex for the first of the cycling gold medals to be won on Tuesday. First up we have the women's 500m time trial where Australia's defending champion Anna Meares is overwhelming favourite. The Queenslander beat England's Victoria Pendleton to gold in Melbourne four years ago.

  35. 08:25 Commentary  

    Looks like BBC Sport's Rishi Persad is taking his life into his own hands as he attempts to visit all the Commonwealth Games venues - on a rickshaw. If you are unfamiliar with these vehicles, imagine a rusty metal bench attached to a clapped-out scooter with as much horsepower as a tricycle covered by a thin covering of plastic and you're getting close. His first message goes thus: "Now on way to the IG sports complex but alas have re-engaged the Delhi traffic." I don't think that's a good sign...

  36. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    Sitting in the back of a rickshaw, Delhi: "Been to the JLN Stadium, saw lawn bowls. Eng leading Wales 8-4. Took an hour-plus to get to archery, by which time morning session over."

  37. 08:38 Commentary  

    England's Anna Blyth takes the lead in the women's 500m time trial final with 36.807secs with Northern Ireland's pursuit specialist Wendy Houvenhagel in second place. But how long she can stay at the top with Aussie saddle queen Anna Meares and Alison Shanks, the world individual pursuit champion, waiting in the wings remains to be seen.

  38. 08:44 Cycling  

    Hello! What's this? Scotland's Jenny Davis has stormed to the top of the time trial standings with a time of 36:416, relegating Alison Shanks into second place. There's man wearing a kilt in the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, as well as bats flying high above.

  39. 08:50 Commentary  

    But Wales's Becky James absolutely obliterates Jenny Davis's time, setting a new personal best with a time of 35.236 secs. We've just seen a close-up of her face as she pushes out of the start - it's like she's trying to lift a Volvo 340 with her bare hands. She's guaranteed a medal too - but what colour is entirely down to the final two riders in the field - Kaarle McCulloch and Anna Meares.

  40. 08:58 Medal alert CYCLING WOMEN'S 500m TIME TRIAL  

    McCulloch launches into her two laps and pips Becky James, one of BBC cycling commentator's Hugh Porter tips to succeed, into second place. Only Anna Meares can take the young Australian's place at the top of the podium - and the defending champion obliterates her compatriot's time, clocking 33.758 secs to take gold for the second successive Games. So gold and silver for the green and gold while bronze goes to the exciting talent that is James.

  41. 09:04 Commentary  

    Women's 500m time trial bronze medallist Becky James on BBC Two: "I can't explain how happy I am right now. A bronze in my first Commonwealth Games is unbelievable. I visualised the whole race before and counted down in head what I wanted to do. I came clean out from the gate and went on from there."

  42. SMS  

    From Rob, Hertfordshire: "How about some more medal updates from the home countries? A bronze for England ladies 25m pistol and silver for England's men's air rifle pairs."

  43. 09:15 Commentary  

    As if winning two gold medals in the shooting sent the India media machine into meltdown, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's cricketers have just beaten Australia in a ridiculously tense one-wicket victory in the first Test in Mohali. Sensational. Expect the streets of Delhi to be filled with honking rickshaws zig-zagging their way in and out of jubilant celebrations. The sweet vendors of Delhi will be working flat out this afternoon.

  44. 09:24 Commentary  

    For all you 606 fiends out there, the website is now open for business for all your reflections and thought-provoking insights since I can't provide any right now. I blame the Ryder Cup and that incredible cricket match in Mohali - my stomach is like a washing machine right now, only without the soap.

  45. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    From Twitter: "Commonwealth Games on hold for mo as extraordinary Test match finishes in Mohali - what a win for India..."

  46. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    Sitting in the back of a rickshaw, Delhi: "Just saw Jill Douglas at the cycling. She's looking remarkably well given that she only arrived in Delhi yesterday from the road World Champs in Australia."

  47. SMS  

    From Commonwealth Shane, Yeovil: "Can we get a update on the bowls this morning please?" My lovely assistant Frank Keogh is in the process of delivering updates as I type, so hold dem hosses Shane...

  48. Commentary  

    From InfostradaLive on Twitter: "Anna Mears won #CWG gold in 500 TT, equalling her sister Kerrie's total of 4 medals, incl 2 golds in Cycling Track."

  49. 09:38 Commentary  

    Nothern Ireland's Mark O'Hara wins his opening lightweight bout in the boxing arena, winning 6-3. Boxing is one of six sports on offer at the moment on our live player, while BBC Two is broadcasting the men's 1000m time trial final in the track cycling.

  50. 09:42 Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Frank Keogh, sat next to me, London: "You wanted lawn bowls news, well Northern Ireland's men are a set down (6-5) in a tight encounter against South Africa, who lead 2-0 going into end three with an hour and 45 minutes gone of the match."

  51. 09:50 Medal alert MEN'S 1KM TIME TRIAL  

    We could be heading for a bit of a shock in the men's 1000m time trial on the track with Mohammad Rizal Tisin sitting at the top of the standings. The Malaysian is gauranteed a silver medal and only Scott Sunderland stands in the way of a top-podium finish. What a ride from the Aussie, shaving a whole second off Tisin's time to take the gold medal in a new Commonwealth record of 1:01.411secs. He nicks that record off Sir Chris Hoy, which goes to show what a ride that was. But unfurl the bunting for Tisin, who wins Malaysia's first ever cycling medal. Well done that man.

  52. 606  

    From Peace: "Re crowd buildup in CWG: They should pour in from Friday eve. I just went to buy tickets for the tennis event. And only ones available are as of today, tomorrow and Thursday. Rest are: 'HOUSE FULL'."

  53. 09:58 Tennis  

    From "fastidious" Frank Keogh: "Scotland's Jamie Murray, who has been absorbed by the Ryder Cup golf for the last few days, is back to playing tennis today and doing rather nicely against Rodney Carey of the Bahamas. Murray, a three-handicap golfer who plays tennis left-handed but golf right-handed, took the first set 6-2. You can read more about Murray's Delhi adventures in his BBC column.

  54. 10:04 Commentary  

    Back to the velodrome where two ornate officials, with a strut straight out of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks, accompany the three medallists from the women's 500m time trial to the medal podium. Wales's Becky James is first up, beaming a smile as wide as the Gower Peninsula, receiving her medal from Commonwealth chief Mike Fennell. Kaarle McCulloch and Anna Meares follow and not for the first time at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex we hear the strains of "Advance Australia Fair". Better get used to it...

  55. 10:26 Archery  

    It's been quiet on the archery front so let's briefly visit the Yamuna Sports Complex, named after one of the great rivers of India which flows into the holy Ganges, where England's Amy Oliver has been beaten by Canada's Alana Macdougall 2-0 in the women's recurve. Archery plays a signficant part in Indian culture, especially in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, two of the holiest of Hindu scriptures.

  56. 10:32 Tennis  

    Success for Jamie Murray, elder sibling of world number four Andy, who beats Rodney Carey of the Bahamas 6-2 7-5 and will play England's James Ward in what they are already calling "The Battle of Britain" or the "Battle of the Jameses in India".

  57. 10:34 Commentary  

    We're about three minutes away from another gold medal as Australia's Jack Bobridge takes on New Zealand's Jesse Sergent in the final of the 4000m individual pursuit. The first four laps were neck-and-neck in this trans-Tasman encounter but Bobridge is just in front...

  58. 10:40 Medal alert MEN'S 4KM INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT  

    Jack Bobridge is gritting his teeth as the lactic acid builds up in his thighs and calves, allowing Jesse Sergent to hit back in the closing laps. But Australian Bobridge just about holds on at the finishing line to complete an Australian clean sweep on day two on the track following the success of Anna Meares and Scott Sunderland. Strains of Punjabi MC's "mundian to bach ke" greet Bobridge's victory lap, great choice from the man in charge of the sounds at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex.

  59. Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    "Security check number eight at the national stadium for women's hockey. The mighty Trinidad, the land of my birth, are about to thrash the Aussies..."

    And 70 minutes later: "Oh dear. The Trinis got smashed by Australia 11-0. I'm creeping out and now going swimming. Not literally."

  60. 606  

    From DannyW97: "I'm lucky enough to be unwell and missing work today. What can I look forward to?

    We have got (deep breath): five swimming finals with home nations interest in all five. The 50m men's backstroke features England's world record holder Liam Tancock, while the 200m freestyle has four home nations competitiors, including defending champion Ross Davenport. In the women's we have the 50m butterfly (with sprint queen Fran Halsall), 50m breaststroke (with the rapid Achieng Ajulu-Bushell) and the para S9 50m freestyle (featuring South African great Natalie du Toit and England's Stephanie Millward). All this kicks off at 1130 BST. There's more too - I'll fill you in very shortly.

  61. 11:13 Commentary  

    To carry on from my previous diatribe, we also have medals in the weightlifting in the men's 62kg as well as the women's 53kg category. There are three gold medals up for grabs in the Greco-Roman wrestling, with all three finals featuring Indian wrestlers. The 60kg category sees England's Terence Bosson up against home competitior Ravinder Singh. And there is one medal on offer in gymastics with the women's team competition.

  62. 11:21 Boxing  

    There's a Khan in action in the boxing - and he looks remarkably similar to a former Olympic silver medallist from Bolton. But hang on, he's representing Pakistan... That's because Haroon, younger brother of light welterweight world champion Amir, was knocked out of qualifying for England but so desperate was he to compete in India, he pledged his alligence to Pakistan, the birthplace of both his mother and father. And he opened up his campaign with a commanding victory over Tanzania's Sunday Elias.

  63. 11:26 Medal alert WEIGHTLIFTING MEN'S 62KG  

    Malaysia collect their second gold of the Games as Aricco Jumitih takes top spot on the podium while compatriot Naharudin Mahayudin earns silver and Sri Lanka's Anton Sudesh Peiris Kurkulasooriyage (usual spelling) takes bronze.

  64. 11:29 Commentary  

    Off we go to the Dr S P Mukherjee Swimming Stadium for the first of the five gold medals on offer in the pool, the 50m women's butterfly final featuring England's Ellen Gandy and Fran Halsall, along Jemma Lowe of Wales, along with three strong Aussie swimmers.

  65. 11:30 Medal alert WOMEN'S 50M BUTTERFLY  

    FRAN HALSALL WINS ENGLAND'S FIRST GOLD MEDAL! Sensational swim from the Liverpudlian, powering through in the final 15 metres to touch the wall ahead of world champion Marieke Guehrer (silver) and Emily Seebohm (bronze) of Australia in a time of 26.24secs. BBC commentator Andy Jameson says the Aussie commentators are stunned. Bravo Fran, what a year for the Loughborough swimmer. No time to celebrate, it's the men's 50m backstroke final featuring world record holder Liam Tancock...

  66. 11:35 Medal alert MEN'S 50M BACKSTROKE  

    LIAM TANCOCK WINS ENGLAND'S SECOND GOLD MEDAL OF THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES! Less than five minutes after Fran Halsall's success, Tancock touches in for gold number two - and to be honest, he was in total control from the moment he emerged underwater from his impressive start. And he sets a new Games record in the process with 24.62secs and like Loughborough team-mate Halsall, bumps two Aussies into silver and bronze.

  67. 11:41 Medal alert WOMEN'S 50M BREASTSTROKE  

    LEISTON PICKETT (AUSTRALIA) WINS GOLD, ENGLAND'S KATE HAYWOOD TAKES BRONZE. Pickett's victory means the great Liesel Jones cannot emulate her breaststroke clean sweep in the 50m, 100m and 200m from Melbourne four years ago, having to make do with silver instead. But great swim from Haywood. She looks chuffed by her antics too.

  68. 11:47 Commentary  

    Right, my time in the commentator's chair has come to an end but Chris Whyatt will guide you through until the close of day two. In the meantime, Fran Halsall basks in the glory as the first strains of Jerusalem - the English anthem for the Games - rings out around the pool. See you all bright and early on Wednesday morning.

  69. 11:50 Commentary  

    Three swimming finals in 10 minutes. Two English gold medals. One English bronze. Not a bad return. Well done athletes, well done Pranav Soneji. Very long version of Jerusalem that. "Fran looking uncomfortable," laughs Ian Thorpe on BBC1...

  70. 11:56 Swimming  

    Swimming galore at the moment. Men's 50m butterfly semi-final right now. An Aussie 1-2-3. We've also got another final coming up at 12:09 BST. More on that when it happens. Just to confirm, I'm Chris Whyatt. Pranav's gone to shower off the chlorine...


    "I did not expect to win it," the Merseysider tells BBC Sport. "When I saw I had, I thought "woo-hoo, that's cheeky. I enjoy being the underdog. I changed my start a bit tonight and I got it right and did a good finish. It's just nice to see the English flag go up. The atmosphere in here is great." And off she trots.

  72. 12:07 Swimming  

    One of the best stories of the Games so far, surely, concerns talented Australian swimmer Geoff Huegill. The long and short is that he's lost nearly 50kg recently. No deep-fried shrimps on the bbq for him then. Sorry. Still looks like a big lad. Tancock, meanwhile, dons the massive Commonwealth pashmina as Jerusalem blasts round the arena. Bit shorter that time.

  73. 12:10 Alert  

    Some info on why Jerusalem is England's anthem for Delhi. Apparently, says Clare Balding on BBC1, it went to a month-long public vote. Nearly 2,000 people - not that many is it? - went for Jerusalem, while Land of Hope and Glory was second in the vote with God Saved the Queen third. "I've done six Commonwealth Games and it was always Land of Hope and Glory," mulls Mark Foster in the studio. Hmmmm.

  74. 12:17 Medal alert Natalie Du Toit takes gold... the women's 50m freestyle parasport S9 final. Close race but the biggest name, from South Africa, grabs it. Australia's Annabelle Williams in second while it's ANOTHER SWIMMING MEDAL FOR ENGLAND. Stephanie Millward takes bronze.

  75. 12:25 England  

    Here's a missive from BBC Sport's Sonali Shah: "I've just met 16-year-old weightlifter Zoe Smith, who's competing for England in the 58kg category tomorrow. She's an amazing girl - very level-headed, a great multi-tasker (she's just finished her GCSE's and like Tom Daley is balancing Delhi with A-level studies) and er…very, very strong. She told me she could easily lift more than two of me…you'll be glad to know I didn't ask her to prove it!"

    Follow Sonali's daily updates for BBC Newsround here.

  76. 12:36 Swimming  

    Whoa, don't be leaving the pool people. Still a big final to come - the men's 200m freestyle final. Home nation hopes rest on the broad shoulders of Scotland's Robbie Renwick and compatriot David Carry. Rob Bale, and defending champion Ross Davenport of England, are also in the mix. Incredible. A colleague just asked: "Swimmers shave their chests, right?"...

  77. Twitter  

    BBC World Service's Russell Fuller in Delhi: "More volunteers than spectators at the bowls. But I did find one Indian lad who now plans to buy a set and spread the gospel to his mates."

  78. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Why doesn't someone in the England team ever sit the athletes down and teach them the anthem? Same goes for Team GB at other events..."

  79. 12:54 Swimming  

    Those swimming caps are the equivalent of a very expensive face-lift. Uber-tight. The men's 200m freestyle final is under way. Strong early pace...

  80. 12:58 Medal alert Scotland's first gold of the Games...  

    In a finish tighter even than their swimming caps, Robbie Renwick wins the men's 200m freestyle final! He was down in seventh at 50m. Just two hundredths of a second in it. He seemed just to bash the wall harder to be honest! Remarkable. England's Ross Davenport down in fifth.

  81. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "The BBC TV team are at the athletics stadium, where repairs are being made to the track, with tarmac being laid and painted at the start of the 1500m, and the in-field has still only been half-laid with grass. The action is scheduled to get under way there on Wednesday evening.

    "Jonathan Edwards told athletics reporter Phil Jones: "This is a culture where things are got ready at the last minute but there are very real concerns. There is a feeling that there are a lot of people working here but no real sense of urgency. They're relaying part of the track which I think was damaged during the opening ceremony. I've seen a number of athletes come in and I think they're in shock. For a top athlete coming into a stadium this is not what you expect. It's beyond anything I imagined. Hopefully it will be ready to go tomorrow for the first session.""

  82. 13:08 Scotland Scottish gold medallist Robbie Renwick speaks...  

    "I just tried to stay relaxed. It feels absolutely amazing now," he tells BBC Sport. "The 400m yesterday was a huge disappointment for me. So I needed to turn it round and I did. My late coach Eileen [Adams] passed away in April. That swim was dedicated to her and her family."

  83. 13:18 Lawn bowls  

    Lawn bowls, YES WE CAN. Big clash at the Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex: Jersey versus Wales. The Channel Islanders took the first set in rampant fashion but Wales are edging the second. Could be close this. I'll keep you posted. You can also watch it live on the Red Button or on one of the video feeds on this page.

  84. 13:22 Commentary  

    Just to inform you: local police have confirmed that there has been an anonymous bomb threat to the athletes village in Delhi. The village is being searched by police but no device has been found so far - and no evacuations have taken place.

  85. 13:28 Commentary  

    And in addition to that, the Commonwealth Games federation say they are aware of the matter but have been assured by Dehli police that there is no credible threat. Just to clarify: there has been no evacuation from the village of athletes or officials.

  86. Twitter  

    BBC Radio 5 live's prolific Tweeter Karen Pickering in Delhi: "Robbie Renwick sings & the Scottish supporters are loving Flower Of Scotland"

  87. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Fresh from beating Malawi's Mohammad Nafiizwan Adnan 11-6 13-11 8-11 11-3 in the men's singles squash, England's top seed Nick Matthew tells me: "He's a dangerous player but I kept the distance between us at the beginning of each game, so I'm really pleased. When I lost that game that fired me up. There's three more matches before I start worrying about winning medals.""


    For serious. Actually, the copy I received stated that England's Terence Bosson "had to settle for silver" as India's Ravinder Singh clinched gold. But you'd have thought India had a richer pedigree in the sport. I'll investigate. But none of my pals ever snubbed a game of football for a greco-roman wrestle down the park.

  89. 13:54 Alert  

    An efficient Dr Watson informs me that Team England have won four Commonwealth wrestling golds, 20 silvers and 30 bronzes. Noel Loban was England’s last gold medallist, winning the 90kg class at the Edinburgh Games in 1986. Twas' back in 1994 - John Major, grunge? - when England last grabbed wrestling Commonwealth Games medals; three silvers and a bronze.

  90. 13:58 Breaking news LAWN BOWLS LATEST: WALES 1-1 JERSEY  

    The Welsh have dug in to win the second set and level the match against Jersey. Next set takes it. A real cliffhanger...

  91. SMS  

    With 'love from Sam, Lucy and Matt!': "Loving the Indian hospitality. Best Commonwealth Games ever. This bowls is immense!"

  92. Twitter  

    English gold medallist Fran Halsall: "Thinking about trading the Mini in for a tuk-tuk. I think I'd look cool cruising round the 'Boro in one..."

  93. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    "Latest news on my attempt to get around all the venues in a tuk-tuk? RK Khanna tennis stadium ticked off the list. And netball also done. Just saw the Aussies give the hosts India a pasting - 95-17."

  94. 14:27 Hockey  

    Pah! Developing a crush on Scottish hockey after their women's team brilliantly held India to a 1-1 draw yesterday. But bad news at the minute though. The group outsiders are 1-0 down to new group favourites South Africa [after the hosts shock Caledonian stalemate] right now. As for the men's team, Pakistan thrashed them 3-0 in their opening pool A match earlier.

  95. 14:30 Medal alert England. Silver. Women's team gymnastics...  

    Australia took gold (for the fourth consecutive occasion) but that's a great performance from a Beth Tweddle-less England in repeating the achievement of the men yesterday. Canada get bronze. Also, take note: Australia fielded their top gymnasts to prepare the for the World Championships in Rotterdam, which start on October 16. A convenient stop-over on the way to Holland, no doubt. England, as you might know, chose not to send some of their top stars to Delhi to allow them to concentrate on the Worlds.

  96. 14:38 Commentary  

    Regarding the anonymous bomb threat to the athletes village earlier. Delhi police say they have traced the caller of the threat, and that it was a hoax.

  97. 14:45 Table tennis  

    Tell me if you disagree. But aliens could land on our fine planet and be absolutely riveted by table tennis. Bespectacled Welshman Steven Jenkins has taken England rival Daniel Reed to a fifth game in Delhi as the nerves jangle. Six points apiece! England winning the match. Tension.

  98. SMS  

    From Andrew (an 'exiled Manxie now living in Manchester'): "Great result for team Isle of Man in track cycling - both M Christian and C Whorrall into men's points final. Hope to hear O Land of Our Birth at least once in these Games."

  99. 14:53 Table tennis  

    Sigourney Weaver watch out. The table tennis is done. Daniel Reed extinguished the fire of Welsh dragon Stephen [note the PH] Jenkins to give England an overall 3-0 victory. TT, for me, is another one of those sports - like hockey - with incredible skill levels. Strength and power seem secondary requirements. Refreshing.

  100. 14:57 Hockey  

    Talking of hockey... ANGUISH! Scotland are now 2-0 down against South Africa. Still over 20 minutes to go but Samantha Judge and her team-mates look a little tired after that mammoth 1-1 draw with India less than 24 hours ago. I'm off for a quick buttie. Here's your man Ollie Williams...

  101. 15:01 Hockey  

    Hello everybody, and thanks Chris. Within moments of my arrival, my status as a lucky charm for any home nation in action is confirmed, as Scotland get a goal back in the hockey - which is now live online if you're in the UK, and on BBC One.

  102. 15:05 Commentary  

    However, if I'm a lucky charm for any home nation, then the universe may implode in the badminton, where Scotland are taking on Wales.

    And remember the boxing weigh-in issues on Monday? Solved. We are under way in the ring, where Northern Ireland's Eamonn O'Kane is giving Sri Lanka's Ranil Jayathilakage what is known in the trade as "a good seeing to".

  103. 15:09 Table tennis  

    A bit of context regarding table tennis - I met Daniel Reed, who beat Welshman Stephen Jenkins just now, a few months ago. Very young, still a bit nervous when the spotlight is on him and fast improving.

    But the truth is that table tennis throughout Britain lags behind on the world stage, and needs to be fast-improving if GB are to have much hope at London 2012.

    For example, Reed is currently 262nd in the world. Britain's top male, Paul Drinkhall, is 129th. So watch the Commonwealths closely, because it's a chance for rising table tennis stars in the home nations to rack up invaluable big-match experience and stake a claim - places in the 2012 line-up are far from decided.

  104. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: Interesting scenes at athletics stadium. 1500m start line being re-laid, half the in-field not there, and bobbles on long-jump runway.

  105. 15:17 Weightlifting  

    I think - and no guarantees because the running orders in Delhi are subject to change, to say the least - but I think England's Jo Calvino is up next in the women's -53kg weightlifting. You can watch live online if you're in the UK.

    Four minutes left in the hockey, still South Africa 2-1 Scotland.

  106. 15:20 Commentary  

    Put it this way. If Jo Calvino is next in the weightlifting, you can afford to put the kettle on. The power has gone inside the venue, the all-important scoreboards have died, and the action has ground to a halt.

    Time now rapidly running out for Scotland in the hockey...

  107. 15:21 Hockey Result: South Africa 2-1 Scotland  

    Abi Walker in the Scottish goal makes a fine save, rushing out to stop South Africa on the break, but it makes no odds. South Africa wrap up a 2-1 win.

  108. 15:24 Boxing  

    At the boxing, Tanzania's Seleman Kidunda performs a funky little post-victory dance after his middleweight contest. Keiran Harding of Wales coming up in the same category in a very short while.

  109. 15:27 Gymnastics  

    There's a replay of the women's gymnastics final just beginning now on BBC One. Your chance to get a look at some of the young English women who are trying to establish themselves ahead of London 2012.

    Much gets written about Beth Tweddle - and for good reason, she does after all have a world title and two European titles even as a gymnastics pensioner (all of 25 years old) - but even her place in the British team for 2012 isn't safe. There is a wealth of young talent available, some of it in Delhi at the moment.

  110. 15:30 Commentary  

    The power is back on at the weightlifting, and Chris Whyatt is back in the building, raising the possibility that the two are connected. He's at the helm for the rest of the day, I'm back on Wednesday. Enjoy.

  111. 15:38 Commentary  

    Thanks to Ollie (though I can barely fuse a plug). Also forgot that it's 'Tiffin Tuesday' here at the canteen, which would have been both tasty and apt. Moving on...

    Some housekeeping: the rest of the day two action in Delhi will come from the hushed atmosphere of the lawn bowls lawns, the clinks and groans of the weightlifting arena, the table tennis, erm, ampitheatre, and the boxing ring.

  112. SMS  

    From Stephen in Tredegar: "Chris, how did my next-door neighbour Patrick Thomas get on in Welsh table tennis today? I put a tenner on him 8 years ago to win a medal at these Games!!!"

  113. Twitter  

    BBC Hindi sports editor Mukesh Sharma in Delhi: "Indian (tennis) duo of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won their first round match against Sri Lankan pair. score line: 6-3, 6-3."

  114. 15:59 Guernsey  

    Some confirmation on the TABLE TENNIS from earlier. Canada and Nigeria's women's teams joined England and Singapore in the knockout quarter-final stage of the team events. Meanwhile, England and Singapore's men's teams were first to secure spots in their team quarters. Guernsey will face Sri Lanka in a winner-takes-all tie tomorrow to join them. Motivation.

  115. 16:06 Medal alert Women's weighlifting (53kg) has been decided...  

    And French-speaking French-Canadian Marilou Dozois Prevost wins the gold. Azike from Nigeria, which seems to have a real pedigree in weightlifting, takes silver while Malaysia's Yusoff goes home with the bronze.

  116. 16:17 Boxing  

    Weighing scales working now! England medal hope Bradley Saunders - a sometimes controversial figure - takes to the canvas in Delhi (and on BBC1). And that's that. Just 48 seconds in and, despite losing the first point, he swifly dispenses with Grenada's Dominic Boatswain as the referee quite rightly stops it. Impressive. Simple.

  117. 16:22 Alert  

    Australian wrestler Hassene Fkiri has been disqualified after making an obscene gesture to the judges in the 96kg Greco-Roman final. Fkiri lost out on a silver medal after refusing to shake hands with victorious Indian opponent Anil Kumar after showing his middle finger to the judges. "He just lost control," said his coach. "He is a nice person."

  118. 16:31 England  

    Plenty of you asking about how English boxer Anthony Ogogo is faring. A nice and measured display, with a flash of real quality in the middle, he's just won his first middleweight bout of the Games. This from Bradley Saunders: "Anything can happen. Keep watching," he tells BBC Sport.

  119. Twitter  

    BBC Sport's James Pearce in Delhi: "Great evening at Delhi Aquatics Centre, but I'm afraid many will be shocked by TV pictures on 6 o'clock news of state of athletics track."

  120. SMS  

    From Rich in London: "What on earth happened in the lawn bowls nail-biter between Wales and Jersey! I can't wait any longer for news!"

    Fear not Rich (and the rest of you). Women's group B pairs. Jersey 1-1 Wales. But Wales won on a tie break!

  121. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    "Final venue done. Final frisking of 13 in total done. I am numb from the neck down. Now time to wash away the Delhi dust and have a bath."

    You will be able to watch Rishi's Dash around Delhi [on a tuk-tuk] as part of a highlights programme later this week.

  122. 16:54 Scotland Scotland beat Wales in BADMINTON...  

    Which almost certainly means they - the men's double team I hasten to add - will face England in the quarter-finals on Wednesday morning. A big shock that. Wales are ranked far higher. Well done. Lots of grace to admire on the courts.

  123. SMS  

    From Prakesh in Milton Keynes: "Please stop calling rickshaws tuk-tuks. We're in Delhi, not Bangkok. Ta."

    Fair point Prakesh. My apologies...

  124. 17:05 Alert Medals table update...  

    Australia [21] running away with it at the top of the medals table at the moment. But England are second [10]. India [8], who are determined to finish second, are currently third. Malaysia fourth, South Africa fifth. Said the Commonwealth Games was a smorgasbord of sport yesterday. I've changed my mind. It's a global buffet. There have been 15 on offer today. I'm stuffed!

  125. 17:15 Commentary  

    So the sport has delivered thus far (though it's winding down now for today). Shame though that the venues remain a tad empty. Though it's important to remember that these multi-sport occasions to take time to build momentum, our very own James Pearce blogs that he has " never seen a major sporting event as badly attended as the beginning of these Games".

  126. 17:23 Northern Ireland  

    "Does it get any better?" trills a chorus of wide-eyed colleagues around me. Do not adjust your bandwidth: Northern Ireland are taking on India in lawn bowls. No doubt the lower leagues amateurs of Belfast and Mumbai are huddled round their TV sets. India leading by a set. And on the brink on taking the second.

    Answers please. Does it get any better!!!?

  127. 17:33 Badminton Scotland versus Wales mixed doubles...  

    More badminton, which is widely believed to have been created by British military officers stationed in India in the middle of the 18th century. Scotland lead their Celtic opponents by one game to nil. They're edging the second game too...

  128. SMS  

    From Shane in Yeovil: "Any results from Guernsey's ladies bowls today?"

    You lot are more obsessed than me. I'm onto it...

  129. 17:47 Lawn bowls  

    Shane. Everybody. ***Guernsey lawn bowls update.*** Their mens pairs won a group B encounter against Malawi on the tie break. Then, later in the afternoon, they lost to Wales on a tie break. Their womens pairs drew against England. What a scalp. Mens triples beat the Cook Islands 2-0. In fact. There really are a lot of results to digest. Go for it...

  130. SMS  

    From Jayesh in London: "Let's not focus on what India is not delivering in these Games, but let's ask what the country has delivered. Which is fantastic spirit and a passion to make it happen even though odds, at times, are against them. Let's admire their determination to deliver. This is something money can't buy, even in first world countries."

  131. 17:56 India  

    Reluctant to dwell too much on the negative in Delhi but we must remind you that the main Commonwealth Games stadium is facing a crucial 24 hours as workers battle to ensure it's ready for the athletics, which starts tomorrow. Tarmac is still being laid on the damaged track while half of the in-field is still without grass.

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Edwards said: "This is a culture where things are got ready at the last minute but there are very real concerns. I've seen a number of athletes come in and I think they're in shock." Worrying.

  132. 18:10 Commentary Day three beckons in around nine hours....  

    This is no sales pitch on my closing entry: it's been a riveting day two. Scotland and England struck gold, Amir Khan's brother showed his boxing class for PAKISTAN, while hosts India clinched their first gold medal of the Games.

    But have no doubt. All eyes now are on the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Will it be ready for high-profile track and field events? Join Pranav Soneji in the early hours [0330 BST] to find out.

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