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Commonwealth Games day one as it happened

  1. 11:00 Commentary  

    Greetings all. What a smorgasbord of sport ahead of us. What a big two weeks for India. Welcome to day one of Commonwealth Games action. Excited? There's some cracking stories to bring you. Yup. It's already been a quirky one...

  2. 11:08 Commentary  

    Speedos (*other brands are available...) at the ready please. Swimming will largely take centre stage today but, across the Games, five gold medals will be dished out in total. Rebecca Adlington, Jo Jackson and Welsh swimmer Jazz Carlin go in the 200m freestyle at 1130 BST - that's Delhi 2010's first swimming final. Can you smell the chlorine?

  3. 11:14 Medal alert  

    No messing about: we've got the first gold medal of the Games. That honour goes to Nigerian weightlifter Augustina Nwaokolo, in the 48kg division. Well done to her. Want to talk to you about weights 48kg shortly...

  4. BBC Sport's James Pearce
    Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Low attendances look like being the story of the day in Delhi. Thousands of empty seats at every venue. Hardly any spectators at all."

  5. 11:24 Alert  

    Faulty weighing scales. We've all been there. Well, Delhi 2010 is not immune... the official weigh-in for the Game's boxing competition has been put back until Tuesday after complaints they were faulty. Australia especially concerned. "They [our boxers] went to the sauna trying to lose weight and when they came back, weighed more than the last reading," said spokesman John Gatfield. Whoops.

  6. 11:28 Commentary  

    Right. Time for the women's 200m freestyle swimming final. Olympic double gold medallist Rebecca Adlington must be in with a shout, but this is a shorter distance than usual for her. Fellow Englishwoman Jo Jackson has struggled with asthma this year. The Aussies look favourites. Away we go...

  7. 11:32 Medal alert  

    No inch given. Saumer of Canada led at 100m. But fades. Pacing herself well, Adlington hung back and scraped a bronze medal. Brilliant. Even better, Jazz Carlin came through on the outside to take silver - that the first women's swimming medal for Wales in 36 years. Australia's Kylie Palmer takes gold.

  8. 11:38 Commentary  

    In all that excitement, I briefly said that Kylie Palmer told silver and gold. Apologies. She was gold. BUT JAZZ CARLIN TOOK SILVER FOR WALES. That's their first women's swimming medal in 36 years. Great achievement. Adlington, who took bronze, coolly tells BBC Sport: "It's just a bonus event for me. Nice to get in and get involved."

  9. 11:46 Commentary  

    Quite a breathless start to these Games. Lot's of sporting action, emptyish stands (so far), faulty weighing scales... and there's some comic controversy from the opening ceremony I need to tell you about shortly. Quick reminder though. Do get involved throughout. For starters, you can text us on 81111 (in the UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide). Let me know your thoughts, and don't forget to say WHERE IN THE WORLD you are following the fray.

  10. 11:53 Swimming  

    Incredible. There's a swim-off!!! Top eight go through to the final, but we have two swimmers on a dead heat for the eighth-placed time in the 50m fly. More details to follow. But the basic facts are that they must face each other one-vs-one in the pool. That's pressure. Like a swimming penalty shoot-out, no?

  11. 12:03 Commentary  

    In case you didn't hear this yesterday, Pakistan's weightlifters threatened to pull out of the Games after a showdown with contingent head Muhammad Ali Shahover over carrying the national flag at the opening ceremony. The team's coach Sheikh Rashid said his wards felt slighted and did not wish to compete. But trouble was averted when officials sorted out the "misunderstanding". Crazy. Anyway, big smiles from the brilliantly-named Jazz Carlin as she lifts that swimming silver for Wales.

  12. 12:10 Swimming  

    Men's 400m freestyle final is under way. Wales' David Davies is competing. Remember his thrilling silver medal at the Beijing Olympics in the thrilling 10km open water swim? He passed out at the end after putting his heart and soul into the race. Let's see if he can go one better at this event in Delhi...

  13. 12:15 Medal alert  

    Exciting race, so close in the final 50m. But Canada's Ryan Cochrane nicks the gold, just, from Australia's Ryan Napoleon. Three hundredths of a second in it. Scotland's defending champion David Carry grabs bronze with Celtic rival David Davies an agonising fourth. "I'm delighted to get on the podium," smiles Carry.

  14. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Head games org ctee, Kalmadi dismisses organisational concerns and accepts there will be 'teething troubles'."

  15. 12:29 Medal alert  

    England's Michael Rock only just scraped into the final, but he's nicked a silver medal in the men's 200m butterfly swimming final. South Africa's Chad Guy Dertrand le Clos takes gold. Bigger shoulders than Goliath, all of them. "That's positive looking forward to next year [i.e. London 2012]," beams Rock, who is also studying to be a solicitor. Busy chap.

  16. 12:33 Commentary  

    Let's do some housekeeping. There are 11 different sports taking place today (with lawn bowls or table tennis my personal favourites). Medals will be won in three events. Swimming, as you know, along with weightlifting and artistic gymnastics. Aren't all gymnastic events fairly artistic? Time to mention that we've got a 606 page for you to add your comments to...

  17. Commentary  

    weRengland on Twitter: "Ellen Gandy faces swim-off after recording same time - 27.14sec - as Hayley Palmer of NZ in 50m butterfly semis. Future quiz question... "

  18. 12:50 Swimming  

    Potential new star? Just 16, England's Achieng Ajulu-Bushell is through to the women's 50m breaststroke final after coming fourth in her semi. One to watch at least.

  19. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Down at the Major Dhyan Chand national hockey stadium for India v Scotland dust-up later. Hoping for spicy atmos to get CWG going"

  20. 13:00 Commentary  

    Think we all know the stories of apparent disorganisation ahead of Delhi 2010. But here's a wee tale from BBC Sport athletics statistician Mark Butler which shows India is working hard to accomodate everyone's needs efficiently. "Earlier this week I experienced an episode which demonstrated that things are not as disorganised here as wider reports suggest. The screen on my laptop failed - a disastrous development for someone currently spending up to 18 hours a day putting together all the facts and figures needed to follow next week's athletics. The same evening a brand new screen had been fitted, all done with the minimum of fuss - which certainly was not the case when we were at the European Championships last month."

  21. 13:10 Medal alert ENGLAND TAKE MEN'S 4x100M FREESTYLE SILVER  

    Thick and fast come the swimming finals, and England are beaten to gold by an already ominous-looking Australia - who set a Games record. South Africa in third. No gold yet for England, or any of the home nations, in the pool. But not a bad start. They're knocking on the door.

  22. 13:25 Commentary  

    What were you up to when you were 17? Wanted to point out that our first medallist of the Games, Augustina Nwaokolo, is still actually at school. The Nigerian stunned India's Soniya Chanu to win the women's weightlifting 48kg title earlier. I'm sure she doesn't suffer any fools in the playground.

  23. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "One of our colleagues at Manx Radio has just confirmed that Mark Cavendish will definitely compete in the men's road race next Sunday. There were some suggestions he might drop out after falling off the pace in Saturday's World Championship road race in Melbourne."

  24. 13:38 Gymnastics  

    Very sparse attendance in the stands for the men's artistic gymnastics. But, as the competition builds towards a climax, ENGLAND LEAD. Australia, India, Canada trailing in that order. A few groans and jeers echo around the arena...

  25. 13:44 Netball  

    England's netballers also got their Delhi 2010 campaign off to a good start, with Barbados on the end of a 81-20 defeat in their first group B match. That's an important result after big wins for traditional heavyweights Australia and New Zealand earlier. England grabbed bronze last time around in 2006.

  26. 13:53 Commentary  

    So, quite brilliantly, lawn bowls is part of the Commonwealth Games' rota. What other sports would you like to see be introduced in the future? I'd love to see sepak takraw, which I witnessed close up at the Asian Games in Doha in 2006. It's three Hugo Sanchez's versus three Hugo Sanchez's. Not quite so athletic, but word has it that snooker is potentially being considered for Glasgow 2014.

  27. 13:57 Medal alert Australia win men's team gymnastics gold  

    No, England just couldn't keep them at bay so they have to settle for silver. But fear not. Some of the top gymnasts aren't in Delhi as they are busy preparing for the World Championships later this month.

  28. 14:06 Hockey  

    Drama at the hockey stadium. Group outsiders Scotland twice nearly go two-up against India, but they hit the frame and have a shot cleared off the line - just. India then nearly sneak an equaliser, but they go into the half-time break trailing 1-0. Superb skills from Dundee Wanderer's forward Vikki Bunce for Scotland's goal. Not every day you say that...

  29. SMS  

    Stu in Cardiff (seemingly not following the nearby Ryder Cup): "Snooker and darts would be great for the home nations. Also brilliant for atmosphere. "

  30. 14:20 Weightlifting  

    Much clinking of locks, and plenty of sinew-busting groans as the wincing men's weightlifters get going. A TV commentator points out that listing the full Sri Lankan names is an almost impossible task. She's right. But Kamal Bandara and Chinthana Vidanage are their main players. How's Scotland getting on in the hockey one wonders...

  31. 14:26 Hockey  

    Still Scotland are one up against host nation India. But Aimee Clark - a big Freddie Ljungberg fan - is off, and currently nursing her injured arm in a sling. NO! India have equalised. 1-1. Lovely strike. Big momentum shift. Game on.

  32. 14:33 Hockey  

    Big chance for Scotland's Samantha Judge but - a little indecisive (think about it!) - she dallies in space for too long and can only hammer wide as India eventually put her under pressure. Engaging game this with some tremendous skills on show.

  33. SMS  

    Gary on Ynys Mon [re/ suggestions for new CG sports]: "Snooker would be rubbish. Rugby 7s is bad enough. We may as well have 5-a-side football".

  34. Twitter  

    English swimmer Francesca Halsall: "So drugs tests take a while... pretty much like everying in Delhi."

  35. 14:45 Hockey  

    Lordy. Scotland are giving this everything in Delhi against the hosts, who are now a player down. Great save from the Indian 'keeper as Judge THWACKS a meaty volley towards her goal. The skill level really is incredible out there. Jasjeet tries a slide-rule pass through for her team-mate. Millimetres away from perfect. Five minutes to go...

  36. 14:50 Hockey  

    Just 60 seconds left. Scotland hanging on now. No, they're pressing. Incredibly tense. Late winner?

  37. 14:54 Hockey Scotland draw 1-1 with India  

    No football World Cup opening game listlessness there. A real thriller. Scotland, the group outsiders, will be delighted to hold the hosts. But it's advantage South Africa, in a five-team group which also comprises Australia and Trinidad & Tobago.

  38. Twitter  

    BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce at a 'steamy national hockey stadium' in Delhi: "Decent old ding-dong. Nervy for Scots at death but they hang on. Good noise from limited crowd - if fuller will be great."

  39. 15:08 Badminton  

    Chris has nipped out for a break - funny time to be heading out, you'd think there was something going on elsewhere - so you're with me, Ollie Williams, for a short while.

    If you've been keeping up to date with the Ryder Cup and are desperate to see some Europeans winning something, anywhere, then watch the badminton. It's the team event and England are making short work of Uganda at the moment, with English star Rajiv Ouseph, one of the best men's singles players in the world, leading the way. He's just taken the first game against Uganda's Edwin Ekiring, 21-10. It's best of three.

  40. 15:15 Hockey  

    "We couldn't finish it off and missed some easy scoring opportunities that cost us two crucial points," says Rani Rampal, a forward for the Indian women's hockey team. They'll be very disappointed to have been held by Scotland, who put in a fine performance a bit earlier.

  41. 15:17 Swimming  

    Meanwhile, if you saw the swimming earlier, you may have caught the moment where an Indian official had to fish some debris out of the English men's relay team's lane before the 4x100m freestyle could start.

    There was some speculation at the time that the "debris" was bird-related. The consensus now seems to be that it was ceiling plaster. Either way, the English went on to take silver, so they can't have been that bothered.

  42. 15:20 Lawn bowls  

    And finishing off this quick tour of the current Delhi action at your disposal, Scotland are tearing Botswana a new strip of lawn in the bowls. 10-1 the score. I am an admirer of the Scottish bowls team's attire, by the way. Nearly as good as the scarves the medallists get. Seen them yet?

  43. Twitter  

    From English swimmer Liam Tancock on Twitter: "Really pleased with my first day of racing at the Commonwealth Games."

    Tancock helped England to men's 4x100m freestyle silver, and qualified for Tuesday's 50m backstroke final too.

  44. 15:31 Badminton  

    Back at the badminton, England's Liz Cann is now on court, as the English team encounter against Uganda continues.

    Cann is the protagonist in one of the less common sporting defections of our times, having represented Jersey at the 2006 Games in Melbourne before swapping allegiance to England ahead of Delhi 2010. She's the most experienced player in the England women's team.

  45. 15:32 Commentary  

    And that's enough from me. Chris will be back at the helm any second, having returned to the building. Where can he have been? I heard cheers a few moments ago...

    See you in a bit. Watch that badminton.

  46. 15:37 Commentary  

    Big thanks to Ollie Williams. Now then. What about golf at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 anyone?

  47. 15:48 Commentary  

    Right, just had the abacus out. And guess who's topping the medal tables at this early stage then? Yep, you were probably right: it's Australia. They lead the way with six - four of them gold.

  48. 15:58 Commentary  

    Game organisers described the opening ceremony at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium as a "dazzling two-hour cultural extravaganza". What did you think? Was anybody there? Tough to call as a TV viewer. Surely it's more about the athletes. For what it's worth, newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald said it was a "vibrant celebration of 5,000 years of Indian culture with just a hint of Bollywood".

  49. Twitter  

    BBC Sport's Martin Gough in Delhi: "BBC cycling team - Porter, Boardman, Douglas and Brotherton - arrived bleary-eyed from Australia this afternoon, back in action tomorrow."

  50. 16:13 Medal alert  

    With a hideous global pop smash from the Black Eyed Peas blaring away throughout the hall, Malaysia's Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim claims the MEN'S 56KG WEIGHTLIFTING GOLD MEDAL. India's Sukhen Dey took silver with compatriot Srinivasa Rao claiming bronze - and that's four medals for the hosts from day one, which is winding down somewhat now...

  51. 16:20 Weightlifting  

    Phew, that's better. Soothing traditional Indian music takes over as the medal ceremony takes place. Malaysia's Ibrahim proudly lets the gold nugget jangle round his neck after reclaiming the Commonwealth title he won in Manchester in 2002 with a combined weight of 257kg.

  52. Twitter  

    English 200m breaststroke record holder Richard Webb: "Shaved down ready to race tomorrow in the 100Brs! Really excited and nervous, just hope I get some sleep tonight :)"

  53. 16:37 Commentary  

    Do not fret. There are still a few events taking place across Delhi, where it's now 21:07 local time. UK users, you can watch both Wales and Scotland in LAWN BOWLS action if you mill through the video options at the top of this page. There is also badminton taking place right now. England's womens doubles team are leading a very young Uganda team. One game up and it's now 14-3 in the second.

  54. 16:50 Badminton  

    No shock there then, as England easily round out victory against Uganda. Worth noting that not only have Malaysia already claimed one of the five coveted CGG's [Commonwealth Games Golds] on offer today in the men's weightlifting, their badminton world champions also swatted aside the Isle of Man with consummate ease: 5-0.

  55. 16:55 Commentary  

    That's it - finito! - for all the live action in Delhi as the curtains fall on the first day of the 14th Commonwealth Games. But do stick with me, as there's plenty of news and stories to sweep up and share. Oh. And how was it for you?

  56. 17:05 Commentary  

    Some interesting news from the archery competition, where Danielle Brown has become the first English Paralympian to compete at an able-bodied Commonwealth event. "I haven't made a big fuss over it," she said. Very modest. The 22-year-old came 14th in her individual compound archery qualification round. Oh, and some GOOD NEWS FOR ENGLISH TENNIS. No. You did read that right. Both Josh Goodall and James Ward began their Commonwealth tournament with a win.

  57. SMS  

    Lindsey muses: "Fencing - one of the original olympic sports, and still an Olympic sport - should be included in the main games. At the moment the Commonwealth Fencing Championships are being held in Melbourne in Australia. Why not include them in the main games?"

  58. 17:25 Commentary  

    Olympic rowing legend turned-BBC Sport reporter Matthew Pinsent has been tasked with tracking the host nation's first gold medal of the Games, which has not yet been clinched after weightlifter Soniya Chanu could only manage silver today. Read Matthew's blog here as he describes "a brilliant spectator sport", despite the low crowds, and the emotional collapse of a disappointed Chanu afterwards. Don't forget, Indian weightlifting is seeking redemption after recent doping scandals...

  59. 17:29 Alert  

    Word reaching me that England badminton player Anthony Clark was up all night with toothache. Harsh. But he's had some root canal work done today ahead of his forthcoming match.

  60. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    Speaking on BBC1: "The team villages are fine now. But let's not forget where they came from. It's taken a huge amount of work to get them to the required level. Disappointing attendances today though. Where I was, the noise was mainly created by cheering team delgates, team-mates and officials."

  61. 17:43 Commentary  

    Highlights from day one? Jazz Carlin's shock 200m freestyle silver was the first for Wales in a women's swimming event for 36 years while Rebecca Adlington nabbed a cheeky bronze in her "bonus event". That will grab tomorrow's headlines. Wales' women, however, suffered a disappointing 5-1 defeat to New Zealand in the hockey. But - with hand-eye co-ordination to rival Muhammed Ali and Leo Messi-like close control - Scotland's gallant hockey heroes caused a major upset after holding hosts India to a thrilling 1-1 draw. Well worth watching again.

  62. 17:50 Commentary  

    Ah ha! Mustn't forget the exploits of England's so-called 'B' men's gymnastics team, who clinched silver just behind Australia earlier. Low crowd attendances today, but hopefully they'll pick up as momentum spreads throughout Delhi - it's often the case with big multi-sport events. First in the proverbial arena tomorrow, with his veggie packed lunch and carefully-constructed notes will be, Pranav Soneji. Join him from around 0330 BST.

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