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Athletics Worlds - day three as it happened


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By Mark Ashenden

ALL THE ACTION (all times BST)

2115: The great lane-crossing debate rages on. So it's time to wave goodbye. All that's left for me to say is to give you a few pointers on what's happening tomorrow. It's the start of the 200m heats with Bolt and Gay in action, it's the men's 400m heats, Phillips Idowu is in the triple jump final, Christine Ohuruogu defends her 400m title and David Greene aims for a medal in the 400m hurdles final. Should be a cracker. I am taking a two-day breather and brushing up on my sprinting skills and will be back Thursday. Or I'll just find my mascot costume. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your comments and texts. Magic effort once again.

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From FranMerida on 606: "It's not an automatic DQ. Only if Fraser was impeded and lodged an appeal. Which did not and will not happen."
FranMerida is on it big time tonight. Here's the answer for everybody asking why there wasn't a red card in the women's 100m final.

Gold medal
2059: A gold in the triple jump that happened a few minutes ago. Apologies. Lane-crossing-gate has dominated my head. Cuba's Yargelis Savigne wins the women's triple jump. The 24-year-old's leap of 14.95m beat compatriot Mabel Gay (14.61m) while Russia's Anna Pyatykh took bronze with 14.58m.

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From Anon via text on 81111: " Stewert should be disqualified for crossing lanes in Women's 100m, just at the death she put a foot in the next lane."
Alot of you via text and on 606 are asking why disqualification was not applied. FranMerida reckons it's because the race does not involve a bend. Anybody else with any answers?

2051: Fraser's run of 10.74 is the joint third fastest run of all time. That's fair. "A race of pure finesse," says Colin Jackson. "I was disappointed with Jeter," says Denise Lewis. "I think Jeter tightened up a bit. The Jamaicans have now taken over as the kings and queens of sprinting," Michael Johnson adds.

Fraser, who is the fastest speaker I have ever heard, says: "I came back from the semis with a different spirit. It feels good to be Olympic champion and world champion. I'm glad we went out and just did our best."

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From MEANZ on 606: "omg did you see that start!! its was mad quick!!"

2043: What a start for the Jamaican. Not quite the dancing of Bolt. More like jumping around like she's got drawing pins in her shoes. Fabulous. Kerron Stewart second in 10.75, Carmelita Jeter in 10.90. Shelly-Ann Fraser started brilliantly. She's got a very forward, neck-forward technique. Michael Johnson says: "It was like she jumped out of the blocks and put pressure on everybody. She already had a metre on the field at the start. The Jamaicans are dominating with technique and speed. Lots of fun to watch."

Gold medal
2040: On your marks. Here we or two shouts from the stadium. Settle down please. Women's 100m GOLD goes to Shelly-Ann Fraser in 10.74

2037: Michael Johnson says this 100m final is going to be fun. He predicts a photo-finish. Jamaican flags are going mad in the crowd.

2032: The women's 100m final coming up. Forget Bolt, Gay and Powell for a second, this is going to be electric. Jeter is my bet. What do you reckon?

Bekele, the world 10,000m champion, says: "It was fantastic. I am very happy and for my country."

2028: The award of the championships for the best crying goes to Isinbayeva. Fair play for talking after losing in the pole vault without clearing one height. With make-up running down her face like a burst riverbank, she says: "I have no explanation. I was ready 100%. I don't know. This defeat will motivate me - make me concentrate. It will be useful for me. It is so hard to take."

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From JackHughesByZola on 606: "What on earth? Tadessa is sprinting far quicker on his lap of honour than he did in the race - he should have done it in the race"

2024: Steve Cram: "He was hurting with three laps to go but he was itching to go out in the front. Tadese gave it his best." After 25 laps I'd be on the deck out of it and gasping. What does Tadese do? He grabs his flag and sprints a whole lap round the stadium. Madness. "Bekele will eventually be the greatest long distance runner of all time," Brendan Foster says. It is also a championship record - 26:46.31.

Gold medal

2020: The championship record is under threat. Bekele and Tadese are still battling it out. 63 second laps. The crowd noise is building. The cheers, the horns and it's 400m left......

2018: It's six laps to go in the 10,000m. Bekele sitting comfortably in third with Zersenay Tadese leading. Moses Ndiema Masai slips back with Bekele slipping up through the gears. Four laps left and it looks like these two front boys. They're almost sprinting now. Crazy.

Text in your views on 81111
From Callum via text on 81111: "When does the final of the 200m start?"
Men's 200m heats start from 0905 BST on Tuesday. Round 2 at 1755. Semis on Wednesday and final on Thursday ay 1935. More Bolt glory? Will Gay be fit? So many questions. I haven't got any answers. Do you?

Get involved on 606
From djkbrown2001 on 606: "Is Bekele greater than Haile Gebrselassie?"
Just while the 10,000m boys rack on, I'll chuck in this little bomb to get you going seeing as Bekele's legs are currently pumping like a small train

1957: Back to the field. No, this is not farm watch - it's the women's triple jump. Two Cubans leading so far - Yargeris Savigne has got a 14.89 in the bag with Mabel Gay jumping 14.50. They're on their third jump so early days.

1956: The 10,000m sets off. Bekele unbeaten in his whole career at any distance. "The Bolt of his event" he has been described as. It's 25 laps. Reckon Usain would be up for taking on this event? Might need a few buckets of chicken nuggets to get fired up for this one....

1952: Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele is about to go for his fourth consecutive world crown in the 10,000m. Another shock in store in Berlin?

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From RebelSpurs on 606: "cannot believe Isinbayeva has made such a clanger not getting in a "par score" height to at least make sure of a medal. couldn't see her losing at all."

1947: It's the first time Isinbayeva has lost in a world final since 2003. Colin Jackson gets a bit excited and reveals "he's shocked, but not entirely surprised". What!

1945: Marta Dominguez takes her headband off and celebrates becoming world champion in the 3,000m steeplechase. Time of 9:07.32.

Gold medal
1942: Isinbayeva is OUT. She didn't even clear one height tonight. She knocks the bar over and Poland's Anna Rogowska is pole vault champion. Isinbayeva has been invincible over the last few years. She lost in London and looked wobbly. Amazing. Chelsea Johnson wins silver - she'll be bang up for some new nail varnish now.

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From Anon via text on 81111: "To say that 100m requires less exertion than a marathon is maybe wrong. I would imagine the training Radcliffe and Bolt put in are very different in term s on what they do, but very similar in terms or the pain (exertion) they suffer."

1937: Women's steeplechase gets going. 3,000m of pure sweat and gut-busting determination. Hurdles, elbow bashing, pools of water to jump through. All it's missing is that large mouse mascot to bash them with a hammer made out of rubber. Super-fit these girls. Men's 10,000, final coming up and women's 100m final at 2035.

From BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Berlin: "Just spent the last two hours sitting with Kate Dennison's coach Steve Rippon trackside during the pole vault final. Incredible adrenaline in the coaches' seats - amazing what they can see, what they can scream across to their athletes, what an emotional rollercoaster they go through. Will blog about it pronto."

1931: And it's more bad British news. Kate Dennison's done well to get into the pole vault final but she fails on her third attempt at 4.65. She should finish in the top eight but no medal.

It's bad news for GB
1928: Andy Baddeley does not have enough in the tank. He's in 11th place and is gutted. "I ran a pretty good race but I've had a tough last 48 hours - I was on crutches yesterday. It's not ideal -I would have liked to have been more competitive." And James Brewer fails to qualify by 0.08s. Fine line.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Incredible what gets shouted from coach to athlete, the adjustments they have to make, the rapid highs and lows. Kate D 7th - job done"

1923: The female pole vaulters are on 4.65m. Dennison falls short of another GB record but she's still in it. American Chelsea Johnson - donned in shocking pink nail varnish - clears that height and she seems quite happy about that. That was an understatement by the way. Poland's Anna Rogowska has already cleared 4.75m. Andy Baddeley in the next 1500m and with a burst blood vessel in his foot. He gets going and has got to be hurting.

1917: Second 1500m semi. Brewer is battling and sitting behind a pack of five. He puffs his cheeks out and ends up fifth. He'll be waiting on the speed of the other semi. Amine Laalou wins, Lopez Lomong, Bernard Lagat following up. "I did everything I could. I had to work hard to get back up and I hope for a slow second heat. I've learned not to be afraid of everybody. Everybody I beat in that race was supposedly better than me," Brewer says.

1910: It's the 1500m semi-finals. Brits James Brewer in action in the first one. Up against Mehdi Baala, Yusuf Saad Kamel and Haron Keitany....

Text in your views on 81111
From Anon via text on 81111: "I think you thought I meant exciting, I did actually text 'exerting' :) What I mean is that I expect Paula Radcliffe is more tired out after the marathon than Bolt is after the 100m. There's no denying the 100m record is exciting, but should that give it greater importance over other records?"
See below 1824. The system picked up the bad spelling there. Apologies.

Gold medal
1902: It's Slovenia's gold and Olympic champion Primoz Kozmus wins the men's hammer throw title beating Szymon Ziolkowski of Poland and Russian Aleksey Zagornyi. Kozmus waves his flag to the crowd. Wearing quite a disappointing low-key pale blue shirt. Not a great kit that. But he's happy. Good on you sir.

Gold medal
It's Bolt time again. Just for a few minutes. He climbs onto the podium, the Jamaican flag is raised (twice in fact with Asafa Powell to his left) and gets his gold. Tyson Gay clambers onto the stage. Wonder how his leg is feeling. Re-live the glory and watch the 100m final again. He rubs his chin and nods knowingly. And then he does what everybody under the age of 12 and over 30 does when a camera comes out. He sticks his fingers behind Powell's head. Love it. If his mum was watching he'll get a spanking for that.

It's good news for GB
1855: It's another GB up arrow! Marilyn Okoro puts in a strong finish and makes second and makes the 800m final. She joins Jenny Meadows. Top effort. She's struggled this summer and clocks 2:01.01. Elisa Cusma Piccione wins in 2:00.62. Okoro pumps her fist in the air and is rightfully delighted. She's bouncing up and down and says: "Wow. praise the lord. I've had a nightmare 24 hours. It's been a mental battle the last two years. I just wanted to be in that final so much. Wahhooo!"

It's good news for GB
1846: Second 800m semi and GB's Jenny Meadows puts in a stunning strong finish. Blimey - that was Boltish - kind of. Was hovering in a mid-place until the final 50m and she winds her arms up and just goes for it. Caster Semenya wins easily 1:58.66 and Meadows grabs second spot. Brilliant. A time of 1:59.45 ahead of Janeth Jepkosgei. Meadows, who will be in her first major final, says: "I made a bit of a mess of it - kept running into people and kept kicking myself! I knew I had the strength and it's a dream come true." And then produces a stirring Oscar type speech and thanks everybody. Disappointed I didn't get a mention there.

It's bad news for GB
1837: Savinova wins in 1:59.30, then it's Krevsun in 1:59.38, with Martinez in third and Benhassi will have to wait. "I got myself in a good position. The last 50m was stronger - I gave it my best shot. I ran tactically well but didn't have the strength at the end," Simpson says.

1834: Simpson looks a bit edgy. And we're off. Krevsun battling at the front but Simpson's in a good spot on the outside. Bell goes. Always makes my tummy wobble that. Calatayud in second and Simpson trips a little on her shoes. Oh no. Fifth for Simpson. Not good.

1831: False start in the 800m? Ridiculous....

1830: First 800m semi coming up. GB's Jemma Simpson is in this one. First two go through and fastest two qualifiers. Simpson's been flying and I predict she'll make it. Kiss of death. Fingers crossed for her - did you know she appeared in a Neighbours episode a couple of years ago - and the Da Vinci Code. How about that? It's the world stage for her now. Russian Mariya Savinova is the danger girl.

1824: For all you Kiwis out there, it's time to celebrate. Yep - one of your gals is on the podium. Olympic champion Valerie Vili added world shot put gold to her collection yesterday and she's waving like crazy in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Text in your views on 81111
From Anon via text on 81111: "I don't understand the big deal being made about Bolt. I mean, sure, he's a great athlete and it's a 'showy' record but there are far more exciting events and sports. I think those are more worth celebrating."
Mmmmm interesting. I'm keeping out of this one but I'll chuck it out there. Anybody want to respond?

Get involved on 606
From FranMerida on 606: "i cannot see past Jeter for USA in the 100m...unless she dq's in this semi..."

1818: The stadium is all quiet apart from one man shouting something. Bad timing. Jeter - very upright and stern - takes it easily. 10.83s. That was comfortable. She's hardly breaking a sweat. She throws her number sticker onto the ground (any fines for litter dropping?) and she stomps off the track. Campbell-Brown in second on 11 seconds dead but finished poorly. Michael Johnson calls Jeter's finish "very Boltish". Now there's a word that could catch on. For example - "Hey, you're looking a bit Boltish" today". Yeh that could catch on.

1813: Next women's 100m semi. Just for the record - the world record is 10.49s. American Florence Griffith-Joyner. Veronica Campbell-Brown and Carmelita Jeter in this one.

It's good news for GB
1809: 4.40m for Kate Dennison in the pole vault and she flies over. Easy-peezy. Isinabyeva won't be interested for another half hour.

1807: It's a Jamaican one-two. Shelly-Ann Fraser wins in 10.79. Kerron Stewart clocks 10.84. Lauryn Williams is 11.01. Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie 11.03. Michael Johnson suitably impressed.

1803: Move over blokes. You've had your time in the sun. Time for the female sprinters to strut their stuff. Olympic champ Shelly-Ann Fraser in the first semi, with Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, Kerron Stewart, Kelly-Ann Baptiste. Lauryn Williams. First four go through to the later final. Hold on to your hats.

1802: Sorry to neglect the hammer. I'm there. I'm looking at the cage and here's a quick rundown on who's doing what. Primoz Kozmus leads with 79.74, then 2000 Olympic champion Szymon Ziolkowski (79.30). Aleksey Zagornyi (77.42). Markus Esser (76.27). That'll do for now. It's just got down to the last eight so they get three more throws.

Tom Fordyce
Tom Fordyce on Twitter in Berlin: "Planning to watch women's pole vault final tonight track-side with Kate Dennison's coach Steve Rippon. Will Tweet as comp progresses"

It's good news for GB
1756: Time for some pole action. Brit Kate Dennison is in action in the final. Here we go....and she clears the opening height easily. That should relax her. What a mad event this is. 4.25m cleared. Nice.

Get involved on 606
From shivfan on 606: "Outstanding hurdling by Jamaicans Kaliese Spencer, Nickiesha wilson and Melaine Walker in the first three heats! Good to see Josanne Lucas advancing too."

1751: NEWSFLASH: In case you didn't know Dwain Chambers has pulled out of the 200m with a calf injury while Tyson Gay is consulting a doctor on his injury. Fingers crossed he'll be fit for the second showdown with Bolt. The 200m heats get going on Tuesday.

Text in your views on 81111
From Andi in Bristol via text on 81111: "thanks jessica. Watching you win yesterday was the best 58th birthday present!"
Arhhhh that's nice. Birthday greetings to you.

1746: American Lashinda Demus looking in stunning form and wins the fifth 400m hurdles heat in 54.66 ahead of Anastasiya Rabchenyuk. This has got to be one of the hardest events to do hasn't it? The one lap is hard enough but let's chuck in some hurdles. Booosh. No thank you.

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From TeleKemis on 606: "The only thing that will stop Usain Bolt is if he possibly gets bored, but he seems the type of guy that strives to be better than the rest and keep on making history, that's why I feel we'll be seeing him conquer the world until well into the next decade. 100m, 200m, 400m, the guy can do it all."

Denise Lewis gives her tips to Jess: "Keep focusing on yourself and let everybody else worry about the phone calls. Keep your head down and don't let anybody stress you out."

1740: Ennis is lining up alongside Denise Lewis and Michael Johnson. What a line up. She reveals she won't be competing in the hurdles at the championships. "Resting the legs and soaking it all up and enjoy it all" she says.

It's good news for GB
Jess Ennis in the BBC studio showing off her gold: "I can't believe I'm holding the gold medal. It was surreal - I have dreamed so long of doing the lap of the honour and standing on the podium - it's the best feeling ever. I slept for three hours and was awake at 6 this morning. To come back from my injury as world champion I can't even describe what a turnaround it has been. As soon as I knew I'd recover I put all my energy and focus into the world championships and to win a medal."

1733: Olympic champ Melaine Walker wins the next 400m hurdles heat easily in 55.17 and Perri Shakes-Drayton stays cool to get third. Natalya Antyukh gets third in 55.40. "It felt good. I'm happy to get through. I had to stay relaxed and do my thing!" a grinning Shakes-Drayton says. Oh no. She then loses it and says "hello mum" at the end. Schoolgirl interviewing error that one.

Text in your views on 81111

It's good news for GB
1726: Eilidh Child up in the 400m hurdles second heat. Tough one this one. She's struggling until the last 100m but she hits back with a storming finish and grabs an impressive third. First four go through. She clocks 55.96 behind Nickiesha Wilson and Anna Jesien. Great effort. Looked strong and pretty comfortable. Child says: "I was pleased with that. Bad start. The season's been great. It is amazing to be here." Not sure I'd be too happy being interviewed after running a whole lap and hurdling. Phil Jones would have to scrape me off the floor first.

1721: Hammer time. Hungarian Krisztian Pars twirls his chunky chassis and hurls it 75.51 with his first throw. Olympic champion Primo Kozmus of Slovenia up next....I don't think I'd get it beyond 2 metres. I have a enough trouble whacking in a 3 inch nail with B&Q's finest.

1717: Steve Cram says it's another warm one in Berlin. I'll take his word for it. First women's 400m hurdles heat and Jamaican Kaliese Spencer cruises through in 55.12 ahead of Josanne Lucas. China's Xiaoxiao Huang battles through with a great finish. Vania Stambolova is the fourth automatic qualifier.

1711: Maurice Greene and Donovan Bailey are pulling out all the superlatives in the book for Bolt. But let's not forget about Tyson Gay. He runs 9.71 - a new national record and a bloomin' quick time. And he still doesn't win. Talk about born at the wrong time. He should be celebrated as well. 400m hurdles coming up with GB's Eilidh Child and Perri Shakes-Drayton getting involved.

1708: Just watching re-runs of Bolt and it's making the hairs stand up on my neck. But we need to focus everybody. There are other athletics events apart from the 100m. Oh yes. How's this for some action tonight. Men's hammer final. Boom. Women's 400m hurdles heats. Kate Dennison faces the mighty Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva in the pole vault final. Whoosh. Women's 100m. More Jamaican glory perhaps? Brits Jemma Simpson, Marilyn Okoro and Jenny Meadows goes in the 800m semis. Women's triple jump. Women's steeplechase. And the men's 10,000m final. What else could you ask for?

Get involved on 606
From white2thecore on 606: "I think Bolt might advance the record by a hundredth or so - but even then only once or twice - but I don't think there's any more huge .11 advances in him. He might get close to 9.50 but not beyond."

Denise Lewis on BBC Two: "If this medal doesn't lift the British team then nothing will."

Gold medal
1657: Ennis has clearly spent three hours in the hairdressers this morning. A cunning little sweep-over, arms aloft, she steps onto the stage and is handed her medal which looks like a notepad by Lord Coe. Hold it together Jess. Here comes the national anthem.....

1655: "The toughest two days of her life but the best days of her life," Jess Ennis said yesterday. She is heptathlon queen. What an effort. Britain's first ever heptathlon world champion. With the third day about to start why not get in your thoughts on 606 or text on Ennis, or Bolt or what is happening in Berlin tonight.

1645: We can't be having any 100m hangovers today. Do you hear me? Bolt is yesterday's man. Old news. Hold on, what am I saying? The finest, fastest 100m race ever. Re-live the glory and watch the race again or why not see how Michael Johnson and the rest of the BBC gang reacted. Well worth a watch. More on today's shenanigans in a minute. But don't go away. Jess Ennis will be picking up her heptathlon gold medal in about 10 minutes. A sweet sweet moment to savour for everybody.

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