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What's unique about 606?
Members can create, and search for, different forms of content - articles, reports, previews, team profiles, player profiles and more.

How do I find stuff that interests me?
You can use the search facility or check out the most recently published content on the site by clicking on the links on the left-hand nav.

The left-hand nav also contains a wide variety of sports on which content is available.

Can I debate with fellow members?
Yes - you can post comments in response to what they write.

I've just registered - why is there a delay before my contributions appear?
All new users will have their posts checked for a probationary period to ensure that they are posting within house rules, and in order to nip trouble-making in the bud. We know that this phase of your membership can be frustrating, but bear with us, it will not last forever if you stick to the rules.

My comment/article is still not appearing - why?
You may have been placed into pre-moderation for a minor breach of house rules. Read more about this here

What are the opening hours?
Our usual hours are from 0900-2300 (British time). This may vary from time to time but we will post changes on the site. You are free to read 606 content out of hours but will not be able to add a comment.

How do I keep track of my comments and contributions?
Use your Member page. All the content you have created is collated here, and you can check back on the comments you have made.

How do I find my way around the site?
Try out our Guided Tour

I am having trouble logging in - what can I do?
Please consult our dedicated help page

Can I change my display name (the name that appears on the screen)?
Yes - and we recommend that you do. This helps to maximise your security while using 606.

When you are signed in, click on 'settings' at the top of the page. This will take you to the settings page. The third line down shows a box with the heading 'Name'. This is the name that is displayed. This can be your real name, or a nickname. Simply overtype this and click on 'update' at the bottom of the page to change the way your name is displayed. Further down this page, you will see fields containing your 'first name' and 'last name'. This information is confidential and will not appear anywhere on the site.

Will any personal information associated with my 606 account be protected?
Yes - 606 does not publish the names you enter into the fields entitles 'first name' and 'last name' anywhere on the 606 site. Likewise, your date of birth, email address and security question will NEVER be displayed anywhere on the BBC.

Can a message I write be considered slander or defamation?
Absolutely, yes. Please be careful what you write and, if in doubt, check our guide to defamation

Can I add formatting (like bold or itals) on 606? Yes you can. This formatting is allowed in articles (but not comments):


<i>Your text</i> Bold: <b>Your text</b> Quote box:<quote ALIGN="left" ></quote>

Message in Box

Person QuotedTables (this example has two columns):


But please be aware that other formatting may not be allowed. In particular, we cannot allow code that allows users to import photos for copyright and moderation reasons.

Can I contact the radio show?
Call on 0500 909693, text us on 85058 or sound off on the Rant Line 08700 100500. Or email us.

Can I send you some feedback about the website?
You certainly can, via Guided tour part 9: Send us your feedback


1: Introduction
2: Reading and rating
3: Writing articles
4: Writing match articles
5: Writing event articles
6: Writing profiles
7: Member pages
8: Frequently asked questions
9: Send us your feedback


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