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audio1931-33 Ryder Cup memories by Peter Alliss
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1931Scioto CC, Ohio
 United States9-3Great Britain & Ireland
Henry Cotton and Archie Compston
Cotton (left) would not join the likes of Archie Compston (right)
The 100-degree heat at the Scioto Country Club stood in stark contrast to the windswept conditions in 1929, when the competition was held in Yorkshire.

Besides the hot weather the British team were further hampered by the fact that three key players were missing.

The inspirational Henry Cotton was absent because he was refused permission to make his own travel arrangements to the States. Rather than concur with the official insistence that he make the trip with the rest of the team, he declined to play and a late compromise failed to placate him.

Percy Alliss and Aubrey Boomer, who had assorted connections with clubs in Germany, France and Belgium, were also excluded because residency rules dictated that only home-based players could take part in the Ryder Cup.

American captain Walter Hagen avenged his huge singles defeat against opposing captain George Duncan in 1929 by teaming up with Herman Densmore Shute to defeat Duncan and Arthur Havers 10&9.

Shute was to go on and play a pivotal role in the 1933 Ryder Cup, where he made headlines of a different kind. Britain did not just lose by six points, they surrendered many of them by big margins and returned home disconsolate.

 United States9-3Great Britain & Ireland

G Sarazen & J Farrell beat A Compston & W H Davies (8&7)
W Hagen & D Shute beat G Duncan & A G Havers (10&9)
L Diegel & A Espinosa lost to A Mitchell & F Robson (3&1)
W Burke & W Cox beat S Easterbrook & E R Whitcombe (3&2)

W Burke beat A Compston (7&6)
G Sarazen beat F Robson (7&6)
J Farrell lost to W H Davies (4&3)
W Cox beat A Mitchell (3&1)
W Hagen beat C A Whitcombe (4&3)
D Shute beat B Hodson (8&6)
A Espinosa beat E R Whitcombe (2&1)
C Wood lost to A G Havers (4&3)

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