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Ryder Cup 2002
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 Great Britain & Ireland71/2 - 121/2United States
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus pressed for a new approach to the Ryder Cup
Once again the format was tinkered with - the number of matches being reduced by nearly a third.

Regular losers Great Britain and Ireland had pressed for the changes, but it failed to help their cause.

America were quickest out of the blocks and grabbed a two-point advantage in the foursomes and they stretched their lead by three in the fourballs.

Britain recovered slightly in the singles, matching their opponents 5-5, but it was too little too late.

England's Nick Faldo provided some rare inspiration for the Brits, battling through glandular fever to win his three rubbers.

But changes were afoot. This was America's 20th Ryder Cup victory and, possibly getting bored with their inferior opposition, discussions were pursued to allow other players from continental Europe to be involved.

Jack Nicklaus was particularly keen for a change and the original Ryder Cup agreement was subsequently amended.

 Great Britain & Ireland71/2 - 121/2United States

B J Gallacher & B W Barnes lost to L Wadkins & H Irwin (3&1)
N C Coles & P Dawson lost to D Stockton & M McGee (1 hole)
N Faldo & P Oosterhuis beat R Floyd & L Graham (2&1)
E Darcy & A Jacklin halved with E Sneed & D January
T Horton & M James lost to J W Nicklaus & T Watson (5&4)

BW Barnes & T Horton lost to T Watson & H Green (5&4)
N C Coles & P Dawson lost to E Sneed & L Wadkins (5&3)
N Faldo & P Oosterhuis beat J W Nicklaus & R Floyd (3&1)
A Jacklin & E Darcy lost to D Hill & D Stockton (5&3)
M James & K Brown lost to H Irwin & L Graham (1 hole)

H Clark lost to L Wadkins (4&3)
N C Coles lost to L Graham (5&3)
P Dawson beat D January (5&4)
B Barnes beat H Irwin (1 hole)
T Horton lost to D Hill (5&4)
B J Gallacher beat J W Nicklaus (1 hole)
E Darcy lost to H Green (1 hole)
M James lost to R Floyd (2&1)
N Faldo beat T Watson (1 hole)
P Oosterhuis beat J McGee (2 holes)

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