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audio1957 Ryder Cup memories by Peter Alliss
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1957Lindrick, Yorkshire
 Great Britain & Ireland71/2 - 41/2United States
Dai Rees
Dai Rees masterminded the first defeat of the US since 1933
Lindrick showed that when Great Britain and Ireland were able to get close to the US team, the crowd could help unsettle the visitors.

After a predictable start that saw the Americans take the foursomes 3-1, British skipper Dai Rees held a team meeting during which Max Faulkner and Harry Weetman apparently volunteered to stand down for the singles.

What followed was probably the finest day of Ryder Cup play from a Great Britain and Ireland team before the Europeans joined forces.

Not only did the home side rally to take five of the seven singles, they genuinely embarrassed the visitors in several matches.

Rees and Christy O'Connor had 7&6 victories, while Eric Brown won a fiery encounter with Tommy Bolt 4&3.

Bolt was furious with the crowd and later claimed they were the worst in the world. "I guess you won but I did not enjoy it one bit," the American said afterwards.

"And nor would I after the licking I have just given you," Brown replied.

 Great Britain & Ireland71/2 - 41/2United States

P Alliss & B J Hunt lost to D Ford & D Finsterwald (2&1)
K Bousfield & D J Rees beat A Wall & F Hawkins (3&2)
M Faulkner & H Weetman lost to T Kroll & J Burke (4&3)
C O'Connor & E C Brown lost to R Mayer & T Bolt (7&5)

E C Brown beat T Bolt (4&3)
R P Mills beat J Burke (5&3)
P Alliss lost to F Hawkins (2&1)
K Bousfield beat L Hebert (4&3)
D J Rees beat E Furgol (7&6)
B J Hunt beat D Ford (6&5)
C O'Connor beat D Finsterwald (7&6)
H Bradshaw halved with R Mayer

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