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Ryder Cup 2002
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 United States8-4Great Britain & Ireland
Christy O'Connor
Ireland's Christy O'Connor was beaten in a pivotal singles match
The Americans were considered strong favourites before the tournament.

The very fact Britain managed to score four points was in itself considered something of a victory for the visitors.

It was the Brits' best ever score in the US and at the closing ceremony Lord Brabazon of Tara, president of the PGA of Great Britain, said: "We have learned a lot, although we have lost, and we are going back to practice in the streets and on the beaches."

Britain had, for the first time, travelled with a team chosen through rankings in the Order of Merit, but in truth they had little impact on a US team that included five debutants.

The US took their customary 3-1 lead from the foursomes and new boy Tommy Bolt won his second point of the event with a singles win over Christy O'Connor to keep the momentum going.

The victory ensured that America's hold on the Ryder Cup had stretched to 21 years.

 United States8-4Great Britain & Ireland

C Harper & J Barber lost to J Fallon & J R M Jacobs (1 hole)
D Ford & T Kroll beat E C Brown & S S Scott (5&4)
J Burke & T Bolt beat A Lees & H Weetman (1 hole)
S Snead & C Middlecoff beat H Bradshaw & D J Rees (3&2)

T Bolt beat C O'Connor (4&2)
C Harbert beat S S Scott (3&2)
C Middlecoff lost to J R M Jacobs (1 hole)
S Snead beat D J Rees (3&1)
M Furgol lost to A Lees (3&2)
J Barber lost to E C Brown (3&2)
J Burke beat H Bradshaw (3&2)
D Ford beat H Weetman (3&2)

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