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1947Portland GC, Oregon
 United States11-1Great Britain & Ireland
The 1947 Great Britain and Ireland team
A proud British team pose before their thrashing in Oregon
World War Two knocked the Ryder Cup off the golfing calendar for a decade, though the United States were keen to get back to winning ways much sooner than 1947.

In 1942, hoping that the war would soon be at an end, they named a provisional Ryder Cup team to play in 1943.

Sadly, events in Europe took longer to unfold and 1947 marked the return to competitive action - not that Great Britain could muster much in the way of competition.

Oregon fruit grower Robert Hudson funded the British passage to his native state, but the Americans, who were led for the first time by Ben Hogan, routed the visitors.

Only one of the matches at rain-soaked Portland went as far as the 17th green, as the United States thrashed their beleaguered opponents.

Sam King was the only British winner, beating Herman Keiser in the singles. Hogan rested himself for the final day, such was the comfort of his side's victory.

Besides events in Oregon, British golf had another genuine cause for mourning in 1947 with the death of Abe Mitchell, the golfer whose figure rests on top of the Ryder Cup trophy.

Mitchell had been Samuel Ryder's golf teacher and an inspirational figure for the founding father of the tournament. Ryder himself had died 11 years earlier in 1936.

 United States11-1Great Britain & Ireland

E Oliver & L Worsham beat T H Cotton & A Lees (10&8)
S Snead & L Mangrum beat F Daly & C H Ward (6&5)
B Hogan & J Demaret beat J Adams & M Faulkener (2 holes)
B Nelson & H Barron beat D J Rees & S L King (2&1)

E J Harrison beat F Daly (5&4)
L Worsham beat J Adams (3&2)
E Oliver beat C H Ward (4&3)
B Nelson beat A Lees (2&1)
S Snead beat T H Cotton (5&4)
J Demaret beat D J Rees (3&2)
H Keiser lost to S L King (4&3)

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