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Other Match: Carib Beer XI v England
26-03-2004 at Barbados

England beat Carib Beer XI by 8 wickets

Carib Beer XI won the toss and decided to bat
First Innings
Carib Beer XI
129 all out (48.2 overs)
347 all out (102.0 overs)
Second Innings
Carib Beer XI
229 all out (78.1 overs)
13 for 2 (2.4 overs)

 Carib Beer XI Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 D Ganga c G O Jones b J M Anderson 25 
 X M Marshall c G J Batty b M J Hoggard 19 
 S C Joseph c M A Butcher b R Clarke 36 
 D J J Bravo c G O Jones b A F Giles
 T A Willett lbw b J M Anderson
 D Ramdin c G O Jones b R Clarke
 O A C Banks c G J Batty b M J Hoggard 17 
 D Mohammed c and b A F Giles
 R Rampaul b M J Hoggard
 D M Washington not out
 J J C Lawson b M J Hoggard
 Extras 4b 5lb 0w 3nb 12  
 Total 48.2 overs (all out) 129  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 M J Hoggard 11.2  27   1-31 [ X M Marshall]
 J M Anderson 11.0  30   2-73 [ D Ganga]
 R Clarke 11.0  38   3-84 [ D J J Bravo]
 A F Giles 15.0  25   4-85 [ T A Willett]
           5-93 [ D Ramdin]
           6-100 [ S C Joseph]
           7-107 [ D Mohammed]
           8-122 [ O A C Banks]
           9-129 [ R Rampaul]
           10-129 [ J J C Lawson]

 England Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 M E Trescothick b O A C Banks 50 
 M A Butcher c X M Marshall b D M Washington 17 
 P D Collingwood st D Ramdin b D Mohammed 20 
 G P Thorpe c sub b T A Willett 88 
 C M W Read c D Ramdin b D Mohammed
 G O Jones c sub b J J C Lawson 66 
 R Clarke c S C Joseph b J J C Lawson 35 
 A F Giles c D Ramdin b J J C Lawson 22 
 G J Batty lbw b J J C Lawson
 M J Hoggard b D Mohammed 10 
 J M Anderson not out
 Extras 8b 0lb 0w 21nb 29  
 Total 102.0 overs (all out) 347  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 J J C Lawson 29.0  94   1-30 [ M A Butcher]
 D M Washington 6.0  15   2-72 [ P D Collingwood]
 R Rampaul 18.0  58   3-120 [ M E Trescothick]
 D Mohammed 28.0  114   4-142 [ C M W Read]
 O A C Banks 9.0  22   5-259 [ G P Thorpe]
 D J J Bravo 5.0  22   6-285 [ G O Jones]
 D Ganga 4.0   7-325 [ R Clarke]
 T A Willett 3.0   8-325 [ G J Batty]
           9-336 [ A F Giles]
           10-347 [ M J Hoggard]

 Carib Beer XI Second Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 D Ganga c and b G J Batty 39 
 X M Marshall c G O Jones b J M Anderson
 S C Joseph c M J Hoggard b A F Giles 50 
 D J J Bravo lbw b G J Batty 33 
 T A Willett c sub b A F Giles 21 
 D Ramdin c P D Collingwood b G J Batty
 O A C Banks c R Clarke b G J Batty
 D Mohammed c G O Jones b G J Batty
 R Rampaul c M A Butcher b J M Anderson
 J J C Lawson not out 28 
 D M Washington b J M Anderson
 Extras 9b 4lb 0w 8nb 21  
 Total 78.1 overs (all out) 229  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 J M Anderson 18.1  56   1-9 [ X M Marshall]
 R Clarke 13.0  64   2-91 [ S C Joseph]
 A F Giles 19.0  34   3-116 [ D Ganga]
 G J Batty 24.0  53   4-163 [ T A Willett]
 M J Hoggard 4.0   5-165 [ D J J Bravo]
           6-179 [ D Ramdin]
           7-182 [ O A C Banks]
           8-193 [ D Mohammed]
           9-195 [ R Rampaul]
           10-229 [ D M Washington]

 England Second Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 P D Collingwood c D Ramdin b J J C Lawson
 R Clarke not out
 G J Batty b R Rampaul
 M E Trescothick not out
 Extras 0b 0lb 0w 0nb 0  
 Total 2.4 overs (for 2 wickets) 13  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 J J C Lawson 1.4  13   1-0 [ P D Collingwood]
 R Rampaul 1.0   2-7 [ G J Batty]

Umpires: M Jones, T Franklyn

Carib Beer XI
D Ganga, D Ramdin, X M Marshall, D J J Bravo, S C Joseph, T A Willett, O A C Banks, R Rampaul, D M Washington, J J C Lawson, D Mohammed

M E Trescothick, G O Jones, P D Collingwood, M A Butcher, R Clarke, G P Thorpe, G J Batty, C M W Read, A F Giles, M J Hoggard, J M Anderson
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