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Clarification: What's Fuelling Your Energy Bill?

Panorama wishes to clarify the following information regarding What's Fuelling Your Energy Bill?, first broadcast on 7 November 2011:

While the film focussed on government energy policy going forward - and the associated costs - we feel it worth repeating that the rise in current energy bills is predominantly linked to the increase in winter gas prices.

In Ofgem's Why Are Energy Prices Rising? report from 14 October 2011, it states that winter gas prices were 40% higher for 2011/12 than the previous winter.

In its Energy and Gas Supply Market Report published the same day, Ofgem found that wholesale electricity and gas costs were the biggest factor in the rise in bills, accounting for 45% of current fuel bills.

We accept that it would have been helpful to our audience had this point been made more clear in the film and the website materials that accompanied it.

What's behind rising fuel bills?
Monday, 7 November 2011, 14:22 GMT |  Panorama

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