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Stop the cuts protest banner in Trafalgar Square
Panorama travelled the UK finding people fighting cuts to their services

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Panorama: The Cuts - Can You Fight Back? was broadcast on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday, 17 May 2010.

In the UK, you can watch the programme here.

The Chief Executive of Essex Council saying that she has saved within her Councils is beyond me. How is saving when you have brought in Consultants which are receiving a profitable sum for their services, Private Care Companies and all other Services who the Council has tendered for are doing on a profitable bases. So I ask this question how is it saving on the costs of the Council.

- John W. Slade

Typical BBC scare stories about cutting frontline services. Why were the many other areas where cuts would be welcome not explored. Get the Police out of their Range Rovers, BMW's etc, sack those public sector employees who have taken such pleasure in persecuting us over recent years, the bin police, spy camera operators etc. Private Limited company ACPO with their various scams (CRB, training etc). "Consultants" by the million, luxury council offices etc etc. Then of course there is the BBC itself which is acting as a factory for creating millionaires at the taxpayers expense. £92k for an autocue reader, £800k for a director, £ millions on people like Jonathan Ross. The One Show helicopter, expenses by the bucketload, luxury cars, the list of waste is endless in the bloated, profligate public sector. Cut all these things before frontline services are cut or we are asked for another penny in tax.

- James Dobson

How DARE the early/newly retired petition for state paid care without admitting how much THEY contributed to the current national debt. As if the baby boomers didn't have the most notable impact on the true children of today with their ravenous appetite for credit and keeping up with the Jones's. Those of us aged 25-40 are truly the most impacted of the consumerist generation in the UK. With the decisions of our forefathers, how will you ever decide to have children as care-free as the generation before us. Crucially the country will regress in its 'economic growth' if we continue the current trend of lowering birth rates - a REAL wake up call to those who depend on the younger for their pension. The newly/early retired vs. the government. Please, own up to your responsibility.

- Emma

Great programme which really got to the bottom of some of the problems faced by local authorities. Why didn't you show it a month ago!?

- Graham

Am I angry? I'm furious. How many other councils are paying their CEO over £200,000 of our money. They all need to take a 50% pay cut so that we can all keep our services. Don't forget they are all on final salary pensions witch we are paying for also. The councils have got top heavy over the years. We also have too many councillors, claiming astronomical expenses.

- Susan Collis

Extremely bias report. Scottish reporter. A lot of focus on Scotland. Reality hurts - there is no money. The UK cannot afford the services its got...hence the debt. Private sector has made severe cuts, now the public sector has to follow suit and we all have to contribute(English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish).

- Simon Bennett


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