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Jane Corbin in Jerusalem
The future of Jerusalem remains hotly disputed on both sides

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Panorama: A Walk in the Park was broadcast on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday, 18 January 2010.

I want to congratulate Panorama for an excellent programme exposing the strategies that the Israeli state is allowing and enabling to continue to extend their control/control of the right Jewish lobby of Arab homes and the Zionist lobby outside Israel. I am writing this because I am concerned that the BBC will face opposition about this from the UK Zionist lobby. Too little do we hear about the suffering of the Palestine peoples! I state Zionist as I am aware that many residents in Israel who are of the Jewish faith would not subscribe and agree to these actions in the name of their 'state'. Thank you BBC and Panorama and Jane Corbin

- Sheila O'Sullivan

This programme was the perfect recruiting sergeant for those who want to exploit the complex historical issues between the Jews and the Arabs. The programme though informative about the plight of the Palestinian in East Jerusalem, lacked balance. What happened to the even handedness of the BBC?

- RF

This programme has shown yet again the racist hypocrisy of the State of Israel. As soon as anyone disagrees with their policies they level the charge of being anti Semitic. From a people that suffered such tragedy in WWII it is clear that their collective memories have faded. I am tired of this country supporting Israel's policies of hate. We need massive re-evaluation of our foreign policy and we should start applying an escalating programme of sanctions against Israel as we did to that previous hateful racist state, South Africa.

- Dr J Jones

I was disappointed at the clear support shown to the Palestinians. Israel was depicted as an oppressive bully. Little was said of Palestinian terrorism or riots. I believe that if Israeli residents in the West Bank require security guards for protection then I think that it can safely be said that the Palestinians are not blameless.

- Billy Smith

Thank you for this programme. I had lost faith with investigative reporting on this issue, only small stories and reports on the World Service and a recent Channel Four documentary, shows the ethnic cleansing happening under the world's nose to ordinary people and families, this could happen nowhere else in the world without an outcry. I'm glad that no appeasement to pressure from Israel and Israeli lobby groups have not blocked the BBC's unbiased reporting of a world affecting issue.

- Steve Bennett

A minor effort to expose a tiny part of the greatest man made tragedy of our time - the suffering of Palestinians at the hand of Jewish settlers and Israeli government alike. I can only say that I am afraid the continuous gross injustice and excessive oppression of the Palestinians by the Jews will culminate in something so disturbing that the horrors of World War II will revisit us all over again. Here is one of the greatest reasons why America is hated so much in the Muslim world - because it funds, aids and abets illegal and immoral Israeli activities in the region.

- Joe Iqbal

This is a perfect example of the manipulation of the media. As a Jewish student studying in Nottingham university I have regularly visited Israel and have many Palestinian friends there of whom will all agree that the gains they have got from the Israeli government are far greater than what they received from the corrupt Palestinian government. You are a disgrace to the work of journalism, a profession that should display all facts, rational people from both sides, and not this propaganda that you have shown. I am appalled with the BBC.

- Georgina Green

What a biased programme! The BBC should be ashamed to show such an obviously anti-Israel programme. Every Jew shown in this show was a baddy and every Palestinian was suffering the results of "Israeli oppression". Such a simplistic presentation, with no consideration of the continued atrocities by Hamas and Hizbollah against the Palestinian people and the Israeli people alike.

- James Taylor

Before moving to London I lived in Tel Aviv and used to regularly visit Palestinians in Silwan and other parts of occupied East Jerusalem. Jane Corbin delivered a vivid picture of the shocking Israeli systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians out of their homes in Each Jerusalem. I would like to congratulate the BBC for this glimpse into the murky world of the Israeli policies and practices of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. However, I wish the BBC did NOT refrain from mentioning the fundamental fact that the Israeli settlements are illegal and violate the Geneva Convention. The BBC used to include this legal fact in its references to the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but in the last few years the BBC has hardly ever informed its viewers of this, which is fundamental to the understanding of the plight of the Palestinians. The BBC demonstrated it does indeed have excellent journalists who are able to inform us of the true situation in Israel - Please let them make more such programmes.

- Yael Kahn

I watched the Panorama programme last night and found myself feeling very angry, upset and scared whilst watching. I think to broadcast a one sided view is particularly harmful. To show Israel as the aggressor by bulldozing Palestinians homes can only incite more feelings of hatred towards Israel and the 'Jews' as you put it. I know there are extremist on both sides who are causing huge problems for the peace process. Are Panorama going to do a programme showing the extreme members of the Palestinian groups? Why try and create more anti-Semitism than there already is. I know much about anti Semitism as I had a parent who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust.

- Irene Radstone

What an utterly sensationalist and biased program. Thankfully, I will soon be in the position not to be paying the licence fee anymore. The way you distort everything so that nothing can weaken the Arab/Muslim narrative is utterly mystifying.

- Gil

It's good to see BBC eventually have the guts to dare show Israel as seen by the rest of the world. Up till now it seemed as if the BBC was banned from that region as there is so much death and destruction that happens on a daily basis much of which is not reported by the BBC. It's a shame that licence fee payers like myself are forced to seek the true news from alternative news providers to see what the reality of the Israeli occupation is. Well done Panorama team your programme I must admit showed the situation warts and all.

- Jav

I thought it was a very thought-provoking programme which highlighted important aspects of the conflict. Aspects, which I am very pleasantly surprised to be aired on the BBC. Especially after the fact that during last years conflict, the BBC refused to air a humanitarian plea for help. It has been far too long for this sort of perspective on the issue to be addressed on such a big news channel. However, I would not be surprised if there were many complaints on the programme, bearing in mind the subject. But I for one, would like to convey my deepest thanks for airing the programme and educating people about a different side to the conflict, which I hope will help to create a balanced view of the conflict in British society.

- Kayzem Be

Well done to Jane Corbin for fearlessly reporting the facts! In a flawed attempt to appear impartial, the media sometimes portray the Arab/Israeli conflict as a dispute between two equally matched sides, when this is clearly not the case. The Israeli's have a strong state, army, police, financial support, as well as heavy political lobbying on their side. In contrast, the Palestinians can do little but watch while their homes and land gradually disappear. The Israeli actions highlighted in the programme clearly breach international law.

- Mr Richard Hopper

I for once pleased that Panorama has exposed what is well known but rarely reported the systematic and collective expulsion of Arabs from Jerusalem and occupied territories. It is a crying shame that these very acts is pushing peace in the holy land further and further away. More programmes need to document what REALLY is happening to the Palestinian & Arab people.

- Danny Savage

I generally have a great respect for Panorama but the journalism in this evening's show was shoddy, and probably one of the most biased I have seen to date. Indeed how careful they were to be extremely economical with the truth, from their choice of interviewees, lack of legal back up to any of their claims. (If some of their examples were the subject of a court order then why didn't we hear the details.) Down to their brief explanation of the 1967 war, why didn't they mention exactly what happened then with respect to Jerusalem. Of course they didn't because that wouldn't fit into the programmes agenda. What a shame and a waste of half an hour of TV, Jane Corbin what a shambles.

- John

I have just finished watching the programme, and I am absolutely disgusted with the way this programme was portrayed, it was very one sided and it just shows how anti Semitic the BBC are. I understand and feel sympathy for what is happening in the east of Jerusalem, but the BBC needs to show both sides if the story, so that the public can make there own fair judgement rather than being forced to believe what the BBC show!

- Colin Prigg

Thank you BBC for your powerful programme exposing the truths behind the Israeli sustained and deliberate destruction of Palestine. Having visited last year, it was refreshing to see the truth laid bare in Jane Corbin's report. The situation whereby the homes of Palestinian families are wilfully and deliberately destroyed so that Israeli settlements can be expanded, where villages are surrounded by a concrete wall and cut off from education, hospitals and livelihoods and violence can be committed against Palestinian citizens without reproach is nothing short of an international disgrace. There is no oxygen with which to discuss the issues - any attempts to have a debate are met with accusations of anti Semitism. Coupled with the mass propaganda generated by both the Israeli lobby and media, the plight of the Palestinian people is both desperate and tragic. So many thanks once again for having the courage to present an extremely well-researched programme, in the face of such overwhelming oppression.

- Lisa Brown

I am absolutely shocked with the arrogance and impunity of Israeli authorities. Thanks for showing it. It was excellent!

- Lucia

It was a pity that the reporter set out her opinion at the beginning of the program and then sought evidence to justify such an opinion. Panorama is described as in depth current affairs reports in the TV listings. This programme failed to be either a proper investigation or to be in depth report. Clearly 30 minutes does not provide sufficient time for either. There were many opinions but very few facts to back them up. Such programs are a waste of the licence fee. The subject matter requires more time more facts and more expertise.

- Charles Miller

I was very impressed by your coverage, I didn't think the BBC had the courage to tell the truth about the situation in East Jerusalem. Having watched this program I have one question, why does the UK government not criticize the state of Israel? Yet other rogue states are treated as enemies.

- Suleman Mulla

I found this very hard to watch. The actions of Israel seem wrong on so many levels. First, this is occupied land, and any settling is (in the eyes of the world and international law) illegal. Second, these houses are not being repossessed so that descendants of the former owners can move back in. They are being occupied by people with no legal or historical attachment. Finally, it is hypocritical of Israel to claim a right to these properties when they refuse any right-of-return claims by the Palestinians. As much as the actions of Israel anger me, it is the inaction of Western governments that makes me seethe with anger.

- Piers


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