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Raphael Rowe on a landing inside a prison
Raphael Rowe gained exclusive access inside HMP Woodhill

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Panorama: Smugglers' Tales was broadcast on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday, 3 August 2009.

What an amazing insight into the extent of the drugs problem in British prisons. I was both impressed by the ingenuity of the smugglers and depressed that these talents are being wasted on such destructive distractions. More needs to be done to promote a culture of achievement in prisons.

- OwloftheWolery

I have had first hand experience of Prison Offer's taking and dealing drugs as I was married to one. He was always taking weight enhancing supplements but during my second pregnancy he asked me to inject him with steroids. Then after starting with the Prison Service he would have text messages asking him to get Ephedrine tablets for other Officers who would then pass on to Inmates.

- Anon

Far from being places of punishment, our prisons seem to be an open house for drug smuggling right under the authorities noses. Having got CCTV footage no excuse for far more convictions I feel. As 55 per cent of convicted prisoners are there for drug related offences, a far tougher stance needs to be taken by the prison authorities to eradicate this problem. Visitors openly admit to smuggling drugs into prisons for prisoners to take which I find very alarming particularly where very young children are even being used to get drugs into our prisons. Smugglers' Tales was an eye-opener as to what is going on, there are even prison officers at it, smuggling drugs into prisons.

- Steve Fuller

Simple solution. A screen between the prisoner and the visitor. What about there human rights I hear you lefties scream. Well they have no rights, they are criminals, outlaws. Meaning outside of the law, ergo the law doesn't apply to them. Thus no defence in law.

- Bob


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