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Iran Archives: Life in the Islamic Republic

Panorama has reported from Iran over the past 50 years, from her days as an ally of the West under the Shah to the more troubled relationship we share today.

Watch abridged moments from some of those films here.

More than two years into the Islamic Revolution in December 1981, Panorama reported from inside Iran on how life had changed for its people

In 1981, Panorama visited Iran to report on the hold religion had on the people, threatening to tip the country into civil war.

The film looked at how the revolutionary government was changing life for ordinary people, most notably the poor and improving the provision of basic foods, while war with neighbouring Iraq entered its second year.

With Khomeini at the helm, Iran's relationship with the West and its Middle East neighbours began to cool.

The Supreme Leader was critical of other states in the region because he believed they were not sufficiently Islamic. In return, other states in the region were concerned that the revolution would spread.

The decade began with an ongoing hostage situation which further damaged relations between Iran and the US.

In November 1979, a group of students had seized 52 hostages at the US embassy in Tehran demanding the return of the Shah from America where he was receiving medical treatment.

The hostages were held for 444 days before being released, causing a souring of relations that continues to this day.

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