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Your comments: May Contain Nuts...

Keep off the rocks sign on rock face
Health and Safety rules are designed to save lives and prevent injury

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The debate is now closed but a selection of your views are published below.

Several viewers have written in to remind us of next week's International Workers' Memorial Day on 28 April. For details of events to commemorate fallen workers in your area, go to Workers' Memorial Day .

Panorama: May Contain Nuts... was broadcast on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 20 April 2009.

My son was killed at work in April 2005 in an explosion and fire at his employer's premises. The inquest was not held until 2009 and revealed that his employer had no coherent safety system, no risk assessments, no fire safety procedures leaving my son to burn to death. There had never been an HSE (Health and Safety Executive) visit or inspection of the employer for at least 17 years.

Why do we never hear of the inability of HSE to inspect, police and enforce to ensure that lives are actually saved rather than programmes about these silly unimportant issue? These are annoyances in life, not life and death situations and all this mindless propaganda gives the public the totally wrong picture that HSE is everywhere, interfering in everything. As a founder member of Families Against Corporate Killers I feel it is morally wrong for a respected programme like yours to treat the issue of protecting people's lives in such a skewed, inconsequential way. Have a look at if you want an insight into the real position on the unbelievable lack of health and safety.

It is International Workers' Memorial Day on 28 April to remember all those killed at or by work. I myself will be speaking at Summerlee Heritage Park in Scotland.

Dorothy Wright

Our daughter, along with eight other people, lost her life and many people were left badly injured after the building she worked in collapsed. Her employers were fined as health and safety issues were ignored. To us they were murderers.

I cannot believe that a programme like Panorama for which I have great respect would put out a programme like this. I was absolutely horrified - it seemed to be making a joke of Health and Safety. Our daughter along with her colleagues paid the ultimate price for the lack of health and safety. To try and mix and match frivolous issues and death causing neglect of health and safety I found very insensitive and very, very offensive.

Along with all the other victims' families we will lay a wreath on Tuesday, 28 April as this is Workers' Memorial Day.

Rosemary and Joe Doyle

The final shot in this evening's programme was of Quentin Letts standing on a groyne surrounded by swirling water and ruminating on the stupidity of the authorities in fencing such structures. Well, he might like to visit Mistley in Essex where the same authorities have forced the owners of a quay to do exactly that. No locals I have spoken to can recollect anybody ever falling off the quayside. But, still, this pointless and ugly six foot high fence has been erected to 'protect' visitors from this imagined hazard. I am sure the local BBC studio will have footage of this structure - and of the strong local resentment at the ruination of a pleasant scenic spot. Heaven protect us from overzealous bureaucracy!

Charles Bather


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