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The Northern Ireland Archives: The last card?

Panorama has reported from Northern Ireland from the early days of the civil rights movement in 1968, through over 30 years of the Troubles to the more peaceful situation of today.

You can watch abridged moments from one of those films below.

Panorama's Peter Taylor reports in September 1981 from the Maze prison outside Belfast during the hunger strike campaign and addresses the political and military consequences.

Aware by the mid-1970s that a purely military victory would be difficult to achieve, the Republican movement saw the further development of the Nationalist political party Sinn Fein as a radical, agitating political force working within nationalist communities.

Slowly and steadily the party grew in support.

A turning point for the movement came with the hunger strikes in the Maze Prison of 1981.

Newly elected Sinn Fein MP, Bobby Sands, died at the Maze Prison after 66 days on hunger strike in 1981. He had been protesting against the status given to republican inmates at the Maze.

Panorama's Peter Taylor reported in September 1981 from the Maze prison during the hunger strike campaign and addressed the political and military consequences.

In total, ten republicans passed away in the hunger strikes and more than 60 civilians, police and soldiers died in violence directly attributable to the protests.

Demolition of the Maze, which had been empty since 2000 started in 2006.

Recently there have been plans to make it into a leisure centre.

Following a series of mainland and high-profile bombings in the 1970s - such as the Birmingham Pub bombings - the IRA planted a bomb in the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984.

They were targeting the ruling British Conservative Party who were staying there for their annual conference.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher narrowly escaped injury, but five people died and 34 were injured. At Mrs Thatcher's insistence the conference opened on schedule at 0930.


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