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The Northern Ireland Archives: Civil Rights

Panorama has reported from Northern Ireland from the early days of the civil rights movement in 1968, through over 30 years of the Troubles to the more peaceful situation of today.

You can watch abridged moments from one of those films below.

In December 1968, Panorama reported on violent clashes during civil rights marches in Armagh, Northern Ireland

As the influence of the US civil rights movement spread across the globe in the 1960s, Northern Ireland found it was not immune.

Catholics had been subjected to various kinds of discrimination - most notably in public housing - in the years of Northern Ireland's existence and the revolutionary air of the sixties brought this to a head.

The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association demanded equal rights and took their protests onto the streets. Unsure of how to react, the Northern Ireland government often banned these marches.

When in defiance of the bans, the civil rights marches took place, violence was often the outcome. As members of the protestant communities mobilised and held counter demonstrations the stage was set for the crisis to come.

Panorama filmed one such march in Armagh in December 1968.

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