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Your comments: Muslim First, British Second

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Thank you for sending us your comments on Panorama: Muslim First, British Second

The debate is now closed but a selection of your views are published below.

Panorama: Muslim First, British Second, was shown on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 16 February 2009.

I am very pleased that the programme makers are not afriad to tackle a Muslim related issue. At the moment there is a nervousness about even mentioning these issues because of the risk of offence. Congratulations on a well constructed programme. Thanks.


I struggled to watch until the end of the programme. I found Richard Watsons approach provocative and partisan. Not at all what I expect from the BBC. Please BBC you are not The Sun Newspaper or Fox News and I don't pay my licence fee for such reactionary bilge. It was typical of the material pedalled by Bush, Blair and the Zionist lobby. Next time lets have Ragi Omar or George Galloway presenting such a programme. And I'm not muslim, I'm British with sons living across the World who are more tolerant than many of our politicians.


As an athiest I am neutral in the religious side of this argument, but as a humanist I see a situation that can be resolved if only people would come together and realise the propaganda forced on them based on their religion and instead of argue fight those who are causing the hate amongst society.

It is plain to see segregation and ignorance is the main player here and as long as this is at the forefront of the debate NOTHING will ever change.

The Cold War ends, but it then introduces a new threat. I just wish the common man would realise this and see what is happening, then there would be peace on earth!!

Until then, the rulers of society rub their hands together while we wage war on each other!!!


I saw the programme and thought that it was very good but a few things you as the reporter have to remove yourself from your biased view of Islam before doing such a programme but also realise that if a society or people feel main and suffering they will use what is in their values and princples as people to do what they feel is right, so what I am saying is that basically never judge a book by its cover but by its text.

Hasan Miah

I don't believe that funding projects will ever make a different and the only reason that there are Muslim extremist because of what British soldiers are doing in Iraq n Afghanistan. i think the day British soldiers pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan the day Muslim extremist will stop. i do hope it will stop from today but i dont believe it will ever happen. Islam denounces terrorism.

As a Muslim i don't believe in any violent and i do hope that Muslims should follow the Quran and be a good human being.


One of the worst documentaries I have seen for ages: from the typical visit to a muhajirun programme (who are almost an unknown group to most Muslims) to a Macrthite witch-hunt of those individuals who just happen to disagree with our 'shared British values'!! Panorama has built up a great reputation for its objective and researched documentaries - something lacking in this one.

Muammad Hussain

is this british democracy - you are not permitted to hold anti-homosexual views? The last the time I looked this was a country built on the back of the Church of England and its strict christian values. How ironic. No man will ever be able to change the intrinsic and innate moral values instilled by the Creator himself. If these values are allowed to disintigate on a large scale then the whole of society will collapse as we are already witnessing in the UK with the increase in teenage pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse amongst the youngsters, family breakdown etc.


I feel the reporter tried to portray the Muslims in a negative light and did not address the real root cause of the problem of why we have fundamentalism.

The reasons why the Muslims turn to fundamentalism is because when they see scenes of the slaughter, destruction and carnage of Muslims in places like GAZA, and then they see that their governments taking no action and that's when the resentment settles in. Further, when they see the unending support of UK for Israel in trade, arms, aid etc (in billions) that, in my mind breeds fundamentalism and extremism. Unless they see Israel being brought to justice for catalogue war crimes, the wave of extremism is more likely to grow.


Having watched tonight's programme I think we are under as big a terrorist threat than ever before. We must not be complacent in my view. Some of the preachings seen and heard prove this threat, although only by a minority of Muslims. I fully applaud the effort made by the police to involve Muslim leaders in their efforts to bring communities together trying to prevent young Muslims becoming future terrorists. I hope that in future young Muslims will settle down to the British way of life and see that there are opportunities for them as well living in Britain under British law and democracy. There must be no place for hard-line racicalists in Britain and those preaching hate and terrorism against Britain must be removed from our country with great urgency. It must be made clear to them that they are not welcome here by members of their own community in particular.

Steve Fuller

More and More i feel the the Muslim faith has been hijacked by extremists claiming they kill in the name of Islam. Some simple investigation will show you that suicide and killing are fundamentally againts the Muslim faith. I believe that these terrorists are using our ignorance of this faith in order to provoke conflict, and are no more Muslim than I am. I know several Muslims and i find them to be good friends and are as much appaled at terrorist attacks as you or I.

These attacks are blanketed in the Muslim faith, and appart from the physical damage they cause they also attack our ignorance by claiming to be in the name of Islam. This in turn leads to over exposure in the media and rampant scaremongering, which drives uninformed gullable and angry people to their cause.


Why should this be a issue? Surely for many people they are Christian first and British second. Being Muslim is a matter of faith and and being British is a matter of Nationality. The two don't have to be in any form of conflict - one can easily be both and one can take precdence over the other without any major issues. Your programme was clearly biased against muslims and their faith, and was just another attempt by the BBC to alienate Muslims and further divide a wedge between the communities.

Rizwan Ahmed

I thought the programme gave a deep insight to the problems that Britain faces everyday due to Muslim extremists. Very well made and broadcasted.

Danielle Fletcher


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