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The Panorama Middle East Archives: Divisions

Panorama has been on the ground covering events in the Middle East for the last six turbulent decades. Below is a brief history of events in the region as told through the Panorama archive.

Old City Of JerusalemSoldiers in Jerusalem 1967Camp David accords handshakeIsraeli tank 1982Israeli settlementOslo accords handshakePalestinian flagIsrael-Gaza fence


In January 1956, Panorama visited the divided city of Jerusalem and interviewed key players about what could be done to reduce tension and bring peace to the Middle East.

1948 saw the creation of the State of Israel, and the realisation of the Zionist Movement's intention to establish a home for the Jews.

Before then, the area known as Palestine had been under British mandate from the League of Nations after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

Having failed to resolve the conflict between Zionism and Arab nationalism and in the face of mounting hostilities, Britain handed over its mandate to the UN in 1947.

Once Britain withdrew, the state of Israel was declared. The next day it was invaded by neighbouring Arab forces led by Egypt and Jordan.

Israel defeated the Arab armies resulting in it expanding its borders beyond the UN partition plan. The war also created thousands of Palestinian refugees and the period is often referred to as al-Nakkba, the catastrophe, by Palestinians.


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