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Panorama Quiz


Welcome to the Panorama quiz; 10 questions to test just how much you know about the BBC's flagship programme. Panorama is the longest running current affairs programme in the world. In over 50 years it has investigated many facts and falsehoods so to help all answers can be found somewhere on our website. Good luck!

Four versions of the Panorama logo

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Why was the first ever episode deemed a disaster?

  1. The presenter was drunk live on air
    Anonymous man drinking beer
  2. Part of the set fell down live on air
  3. A tape was played backwards live on air
    Film cans on a shelf

2.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the name of the current Panorama theme tune?

Hands playing on a piano
  1. Panorama theme
  2. Sound and movements
  3. Aujourd’hui C’est Toi

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The Duke of Edinburgh's appearance on Panorama in 1960 was famous for what reason?

Richard Dimbleby interviewing the Duke of Edinburgh
  1. He made a blunder live on air
  2. He was the first Royal to be interviewed on TV
  3. He became upset by the questions and walked off set

4.) Multiple Choice Question

The name Panorama was suggested because?

Panorama titles showing the London skyline
  1. The editor was taken with the view from his office
  2. It aimed to give people a view of the world
  3. It was chosen at random from a list by BBC Executives

5.) Multiple Choice Question

In 1956, Panorama broke a major television taboo, what happened?

  1. A guest was drunk live on air
    Wine bottle and filled wine glasses
  2. It became the first television programme to feature nudity
    Woman's naked feet
  3. It broadcast the birth of a baby
    Newborn baby

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Panorama's record viewing figures came in 1995 when Martin Bashir interviewed Princess Diana. How many people watched that episode?

Princess Diana during her interview with Panorama's Martin Bashir
  1. 12.8 million
  2. 22.8 million
  3. 32.8 million

7.) Multiple Choice Question

In what year did Panorama broadcast its first programme?

  1. 2003
    Widescreen TV set
  2. 1983
    Hand switching on a 1980s TV set
  3. 1953
    An early 1950s TV set

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Usually a place for serious reports, what hoax did Panorama manage to pull off in 1957?

Joker card
  1. A report showing spaghetti growing on trees
  2. A report about raining rice
  3. A report showing farmers digging up cooked baked potatoes

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Which famous family has been part of the Panorama team?

David Dimbleby, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen Elizabeth II, Current Panorama logo
  1. The Dimblebys
  2. The Windsors
  3. The Osbournes

10.) Multiple Choice Question

When can you watch the latest episode of Panorama?

Current Panorama logo
  1. Mondays at 8.30pm on BBC One
  2. Sundays at 10.15pm on BBC One
  3. Saturdays at 8.30am on BBC Three


  1. A recording on tape was played backwards live on air - just the start of a series of blunders that led the Channel Controller Cecil McGivern to pull the programme off the air for a revamp.
  2. Today's Panorama theme tune is Aujourd’hui C’est Toi originally composed by Francis Lai. It previously appeared on the soundtrack to 1966 French film Un Homme et Une Femme and has been the basis for the programme's theme tune since the 1960s.
  3. The Duke of Edinburgh was the first Royal to be interviewed on television when he appeared on Panorama with Richard Dimbleby in 1961. He was interviewed about the Commonwealth Technical Training Week, which was launched that day at the Guildhall.
  4. Dennis Bardens was the programme's first editor who chose the name Panorama because of the panoramic view from his office. Other names considered were Eye on the World, Its Happening Now and Vista.
  5. Panorama was the first programme to feature the birth of a baby on television. The clip was censored to show just the baby's head but this still caused upset in the tabloid press.
  6. A record 22.8 million people tuned in to Panorama to watch Martin Bashir interview Princess Diana in 1995. This remains the programme's largest audience to date.
  7. Panorama's first broadcast was at 8.15pm on Wednesday 11 November 1953. It has remained a fixture of the BBC schedules ever since.
  8. On April Fool's Day, 1957, Panorama broadcast an apparently serious account of spaghetti harvesting from trees in Switzerland. The BBC switchboard lit up as hundreds of fooled viewers called in.
  9. Both Richard and David Dimbleby have presented Panorama. Richard Dimbleby was the first big name to join the team presenting the programme from 1955 until his death in 1965. His son David joined the programme in 1974 as it celebrated its 21st anniversary.
  10. Panorama is on Mondays at 8.30pm but keep checking the webiste to make sure you don't miss any special one-off programmes we've got coming up.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Poor: You'd fall for the spaghetti spoof

4 - 7 : Good: But your investigative skills need polishing

8 - 10 : Excellent: You could be Panorama's next Dimbleby


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