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05 Jan
Shipman 'may have killed hundreds'

08 Jan
Bulger killers win anonymity for life

12 Jan
Swedish 'Iceman' starts England job

12 Jan
Climbie carers guilty of murder

13 Jan
Earthquake devastates Salvador

16 Jan
DR Congo President Kabila shot

16 Jan
Oil tanker endangers eco-paradise

19 Jan
'Internet twins' taken into care

22 Jan
MMR triple vaccine declared safe

24 Jan
Mandelson resigns - again

26 Jan
Thousands die in Gujarat quake

06 Feb
Sharon sweeps to power

13 Feb
Landmark Aids case begins in Scotland

16 Feb
Serbs killed in Kosovo pilgrimage

19 Feb
Foot-and-mouth scare at UK abbatoir

28 Feb
At least 10 die in Selby rail crash

08 Mar
Donald Campbell's speedboat recovered

11 Mar
Big rise in new cases of foot-and-mouth

16 Mar
Teenage woman guilty of rape

01 Apr
Ex-Yugoslav leader arrested after siege

05 Apr
Driver jailed for immigrant deaths

19 Apr
Drugs firms withdraw from Aids case

23 Apr
Royal aide on trial for murder

28 Apr
First space tourist blasts off

02 May
Sotheby's and Christies chiefs charged

05 May
Sun shines on foot-and-mouth crisis

07 May
Healthy cattle to die to save Exmoor

07 May
Thousands greet Pope in Syrian visit

14 May
Scientists warn of more CJD cases

15 May
UK supermarkets slash price of drugs

16 May
Prescott punches protester

24 May
Israel wedding party tragedy

30 May
French ex-minister jailed over sleaze

01 Jun
Nepal royal family massacred

17 Jun
Catholic leader Cardinal Winning dies

22 Jun
Bulger killers to be released

25 Jun
Race violence erupts in Burnley

29 Jun
Diana fountain given go-ahead

02 Jul
Dando killer jailed for life

07 Jul
Two stabbed in Bradford race riots

09 Jul
Scientists discover why we are here

13 Jul
Family demand inquiry into police shooting

14 Jul
NI agreement stalls in Staffordshire

16 Jul
Rebel MPs defeat the government

07 Aug
NHS buys private hospital

08 Aug
Hollywood's 'golden couple' divorce

10 Aug
Hamiltons condemn 'sex assault' arrest

14 Aug
Setback for NI peace process

16 Aug
Diana butler charged with theft

30 Aug
Milosevic to face genocide charge

11 Sep
US rocked by day of terror

12 Sep
US declares war on terror

13 Sep
Duncan Smith is new Tory leader

17 Sep
Workers return to Wall Street

22 Sep
Simpson smuggled into Afghanistan

27 Sep
Swiss man kills 14

07 Oct
US launches air strikes against Taleban

19 Oct
Inquiries into BSE brain blunder

21 Oct
Anthrax claims third victim in US

22 Oct
UK braced for more flooding

23 Oct
IRA begins decommissioning weapons

24 Oct
Swiss tunnel ablaze after head-on crash

25 Oct
Crime rates lowest for 20 years

28 Oct
Christians killed in Pakistan massacre

07 Nov
Billionaire mayor for New York

12 Nov
Greece holds plane-spotting 'spies'

07 Dec
Taleban surrender Kandahar

11 Dec
30,000 postal jobs 'to be cut'

13 Dec
Suicide attack on Indian parliament

16 Dec
Thousands rally for Scots countryside

21 Dec
Terror alert as police seize cargo ship

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