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01 Jan
World celebrates New Millennium

03 Jan
Art theft was 'professional' job

04 Jan
First British women reach South Pole

07 Jan
Aitken freed from prison early

11 Jan
Seven missing in Irish Sea

31 Jan
Life for serial killer Shipman

28 Feb
Nuclear chief quits over safety scandal

02 Mar
Pinochet escapes torture trial charges

25 Mar
Trimble narrowly wins leadership challenge

26 Mar
Pope prays for Holocaust forgiveness

01 Apr
Wartime coding machine stolen

03 Apr
Asylum voucher scheme enforced

04 Apr
Spring freeze brings chaos

10 Apr
Damages for sacked HIV manager

12 Apr
Queen honours NI police

14 Apr
M25 killer gets life

15 Apr
White farmer shot dead in Zimbabwe

22 Apr
Swat team grabs tug-of-love Cuban boy

26 Apr
Minister sees immigrants captured

01 May
May Day violence on London streets

03 May
Leading stock exchanges plan merger

08 May
Sneak preview of new Tate Modern

12 May
Ford quits Dagenham after 70 years

17 May
First Britons reach North Pole unaided

20 May
Blairs' delight at birth of fourth child

22 May
Hezbollah makes gains in Lebanon

26 May
Hezbollah celebrates Israeli retreat

27 May
GM blunder leaves farmers in uproar

07 Jun
Blair 'handbagged' by the WI

10 Jun
Swaying Millennium Bridge closed

15 Jun
British marines leave Sierra Leone

26 Jun
IRA weapons dump inspected

01 Jul
Ex-Blair ally attacks prime minister

03 Jul
Livingstone to take on government

04 Jul
Litter louts escape the law

05 Jul
Record-breaking penguin rescue

06 Jul
Prime Minister's son arrested for drunkenness

08 Jul
New Harry Potter most magical yet

10 Jul
UK tidal wave of web users

11 Jul
Britain pioneers HIV vaccine

12 Jul
British-backed dam threatens ancient lifestyle

15 Jul
Police camera action violates human rights

17 Jul
Tesco bows to imperial pressure

18 Jul
Sarah Payne's body found

25 Jul
Concorde crash kills 113

27 Jul
Labour publishes plans to revolutionise NHS

28 Jul
Last prisoners leave the Maze

04 Aug
Queen Mother celebrates centenary

14 Aug
Rescuers race to save stricken Kursk

17 Aug
Prince William makes the grade

08 Sep
French fuel protests spread to UK

18 Sep
Crash survivors attack Railtrack

10 Sep
Daring rescue frees jungle hostages

15 Sep
UK fuel protesters go back home

23 Sep
Redgrave wins fifth Olympic gold

28 Sep
'Provocative' mosque visit sparks riots

05 Oct
Protesters storm Yugoslav parliament

06 Oct
Milosevic quits, street celebrations continue

12 Oct
Suicide bombers attack USS Cole

17 Oct
Four dead in Hatfield rail crash

18 Oct
Hurley mocked at premiere

20 Oct
British activist freed from Burma

26 Oct
Ministers 'misled' public on BSE

02 Nov
Schools watchdog Woodhead resigns

08 Nov
Bush and Gore fight to the finish

11 Nov
Skiers die in train tunnel inferno

14 Nov
Fuel protesters rally for tax cut

18 Nov
Hollywood meets Wales in 'wedding of year'

27 Nov
Schoolboy Damilola Taylor dies in stabbing

22 Dec
Madonna weds her Guy

29 Dec
Freezing Britain grinds to a halt

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