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01 Jan
Serial killer West found hanged

17 Jan
Earthquake devastates Kobe

27 Jan
Cantona banned over attack on fan

09 Feb
Space pioneers take first small steps

09 Mar
Queen marks peace in Belfast

03 Mar
MPs move to outlaw hunting

17 Mar
Killer Ronnie Kray dies

08 Apr
Death Row Briton is executed

19 Apr
Many feared dead in Oklahoma bombing

09 Jun
First man jailed for male rape

20 Jun
Shell makes dramatic U-turn

29 Jun
US shuttle docks with Russian space station

04 Jul
Major wins Conservative leadership

11 Jul
Serbs overrun UN 'safe haven'

15 Jul
Serbs force Muslims out of Srebrenica

23 Jul
British forces sent to Sarajevo

06 Aug
Japan mourns Hiroshima anniversary

28 Sep
Palestinian self-rule in West Bank agreed

03 Oct
OJ Simpson verdict: 'Not guilty'

02 Nov
Ex-minister charged with apartheid murders

04 Nov
Israeli PM shot dead

10 Nov
Nigeria hangs human rights activists

13 Nov
Ecstasy pill puts party girl in coma

16 Nov
Queen mum hip op 'successful'

20 Nov
Diana admits adultery in TV interview

21 Nov
Balkan leaders agree to peace

22 Nov
Life sentence for Rosemary West

30 Nov
Clinton kindles hope in Northern Ireland

02 Dec
Rogue trader jailed for six years

05 Dec
Jaffna falls to Sri Lankan army

08 Dec
Youth gang stabs head teacher to death

13 Dec
Riots break out in Brixton

14 Dec
Bosnia peace accord ends three-year war

20 Dec
'Divorce': Queen to Charles and Diana

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