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06 Jan
Mystery assailant attacks top US skater

14 Jan
Duchess of Kent joins Catholic church

17 Jan
Massive earthquake hits Los Angeles

01 Feb
MPs condemn sale of Rover

05 Feb
Market massacre in Sarajevo

08 Feb
Police probe MP's suspicious death

12 Feb
Art thieves snatch Scream

25 Feb
Jewish settler kills 30 at holy site

01 Mar
West charged as death toll mounts

27 Mar
Maiden flight for future fighter jet

06 Apr
Rwanda presidents' plane 'shot down'

18 Apr
Killing spreads in Rwanda

21 Apr
'Guildford Four' man cleared of IRA murder

28 Apr
CIA double agent jailed for life

01 May
Race ace Senna killed in car crash

10 May
Mandela becomes SA's first black president

25 May
Camelot wins UK lottery race

27 May
Dissident writer Solzhenitsyn returns

02 Jun
MI5 officers killed in helicopter crash

06 Jun
Asylum seekers flee detention centre

01 Jul
Yasser Arafat ends 27-year exile

21 Jul
Labour chooses Blair

26 Jul
Israel's London embassy bombed

01 Aug
Library fire wipes out historic records

26 Aug
Man gets 'bionic' heart

28 Aug
Sunday trading legalised

31 Aug
IRA declares 'complete' ceasefire

28 Sep
Hundreds feared dead in ferry disaster

30 Sep
Sleepy Boris 'snubs' Irish leader

05 Oct
Cult members die in 'mass suicide'

13 Oct
Loyalists announce a ceasefire

26 Oct
Israel and Jordan make peace

19 Nov
Britain braced for first lottery draw

28 Nov
Norway votes 'no' to Europe

30 Nov
Blazing liner abandoned off east Africa

06 Dec
Royal approval for oil drilling at Windsor

11 Dec
Russian troops storm into Chechnya

15 Dec
Modahl banned for drug taking

30 Dec
Gunman kills two women at abortion clinic

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