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03 Jan
US and Russia halve nuclear warheads

05 Jan
Oil tanker runs aground off Shetland

11 Jan
BA dirty tricks against Virgin cost 3m

14 Feb
Missing two-year-old found dead

20 Feb
Two boys charged with toddler's murder

26 Feb
World Trade Center bomb terrorises New York

05 Mar
Johnson gets life ban from athletics

06 Mar
Angolans die in battle for Huambo

12 Mar
Bombay hit by devastating bombs

20 Mar
Child killed in Warrington bomb attack

03 Apr
Grand National ends in 'shambles'

16 Apr
UN makes Srebrenica 'safe haven'

19 Apr
Waco cult siege ends with inferno

24 Apr
IRA bomb devastates City of London

26 Apr
Recession over - it's official

29 Apr
Queen to open Palace doors

30 Apr
Tennis star stabbed

15 May
French police rescue child hostages

24 Jun
Minister resigns over business links

13 Jul
Green light for Manchester Olympics

16 Jul
Secret Service goes public

25 Jul
Failed Bosnian ceasefire threatens peace

29 Jul
Israeli court sets Demjanjuk free

29 Jul
Lawrence murder suspects freed

02 Oct
Hardline Communists riot in Moscow

04 Oct
US forces killed in Somali gun battle

24 Aug
Michael Jackson accused of child abuse

13 Sep
Rabin and Arafat shake on peace deal

14 Sep
UK tourist shot dead in Florida

17 Sep
Shock as racist wins council seat

09 Nov
Diana sues over gym photos

29 Nov
Secret meetings with IRA revealed

07 Dec
Activists lose battle over chestnut tree

09 Dec
Astronauts put Hubble back in action

15 Dec
Anglo-Irish pact paves way for peace

28 Dec
Mafia link in cocaine haul

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