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03 Jan
Britain expels Iraqi diplomats

08 Jan
One dead as train crashes into buffers

10 Jan
Last ditch efforts to avoid Gulf War

12 Jan
US Congress votes for war in Iraq

13 Jan
Bloodshed at Lithuanian TV station

17 Jan
'Mother of all Battles' begins

18 Jan
Iraqi Scud missiles hit Israel

30 Jan
US Marines killed at Al Khafji

22 Feb
Bush threatens Iraq with land war

13 Feb
US bombers strike civilians in Baghdad

26 Feb
Iraqi troops flee Kuwait City

28 Feb
Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire

25 Feb
Birmingham Six on verge of freedom

02 Mar
Sri Lankan hardliner among 19 killed in blast

14 Mar
Birmingham Six freed after 16 years

23 Mar
Tories launch 'citizen charter'

28 Mar
Family anger at Hillsborough verdict

04 Apr
Orkney 'abuse' children go home

14 May
Mandela's wife jailed for kidnaps

18 May
Sharman becomes first Briton in space

21 May
Bomb kills India's former leader Rajiv Gandhi

03 Jun
IRA men shot dead by British army

04 Jun
UK army spending to be cut

13 Jun
Yeltsin wins first Russian elections

14 Jun
Iraqi Kurds fear US troop withdrawal

21 Jun
Anger over chairman's 66% pay rise

27 Jun
Yugoslav troops move against Slovenia

28 Jun
Thatcher to retire from Commons

05 Jul
International bank closed in fraud scandal

09 Jul
Bank collapse costs taxpayers millions

11 Jul
Anti-poll tax MP jailed

14 Jul
UK forces withdraw from Kurdish haven

22 Jul
Citizen's charter promises better services

30 Jul
Pavarotti sings in the British rain

31 Jul
Superpowers to cut nuclear warheads

08 Aug
Beirut hostage John McCarthy freed

13 Aug
Prince quits in museum design row

19 Aug
Hardliners stage coup against Gorbachev

23 Aug
Gorbachev punishes coup plotters

09 Oct
Sumos size up Royal Albert Hall

30 Oct
Bush opens historic Mid East peace conference

05 Nov
Publisher Robert Maxwell dies at sea

18 Nov
Church envoy Waite freed in Beirut

24 Nov
Giant of rock dies

25 Nov
Silcott not guilty of PC's murder

04 Dec
Last US hostage freed

05 Dec
Maxwell business empire faces bankruptcy

25 Dec
Gorbachev resigns as Soviet Union breaks up

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