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08 Jan
Dozens die as plane crashes on motorway

23 Jan
Many killed in Tajik earthquake

12 Feb
Belfast lawyer Finucane murdered

14 Feb
Ayatollah sentences author to death

15 Feb
Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan

20 Feb
IRA bombs Tern Hill barracks

04 Mar
Six die in Purley rail crash

20 Mar
Senior RUC men die in gun attack

24 Mar
Exxon Valdez creates oil slick disaster

27 Mar
Millions of Russians go to the polls

06 Apr
Dockers' 'jobs for life' scrapped

15 Apr
Football fans crushed at Hillsborough

24 May
Yorkshire Ripper's wife wins damages

04 Jun
Massacre in Tiananmen Square

05 Jun
Election boost for Solidarity

16 Jun
Hungary reburies fallen hero Imre Nagy

05 Jul
Irangate colonel avoids prison

14 Jul
Paris in 200-year-old revolutionary fervour

25 Jul
Diana opens Landmark Aids Centre

01 Aug
Britain's oldest person turns 112

18 Aug
Man U sold in record takeover deal

20 Aug
Marchioness river crash 'kills 30'

25 Aug
Voyager spacecraft reaches Neptune

22 Sep
Ten dead in Kent barracks bomb

02 Oct
Anglican anger over united church

17 Oct
Earthquake hits San Francisco

18 Oct
East Germany leader ousted

19 Oct
Guildford Four released after 15 years

07 Nov
Protests force out East German rulers

09 Nov
Berliners celebrate the fall of the Wall

17 Nov
Police crush Prague protest rally

18 Nov
Protesters demand reform in Bulgaria

24 Nov
New era for Czechoslovakia

03 Dec
Malta summit ends Cold War

05 Dec
Thatcher beats off leadership rival

18 Dec
Labour's union U-turn

20 Dec
US forces oust General Noriega

22 Dec
Brandenburg Gate re-opens

25 Dec
Romania's 'first couple' executed

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