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19 Jan
Disabled author wins Whitbread

03 Feb
Nurses protest for better pay

04 Feb
Defiant seamen strike on

21 Feb
TV evangelist quits over sex scandal

07 Mar
IRA gang shot dead in Gibraltar

10 Mar
Avalanche hits royal ski party

16 Mar
Thousands die in Halabja gas attack

16 Mar
Three shot dead at Milltown Cemetery

05 Apr
Hijackers free 25 hostages

14 Apr
USSR pledges to leave Afghanistan

18 Apr
'Ivan the Terrible' guilty of war crimes

06 May
Hick makes cricketing history

03 Jul
US warship shoots down Iranian airliner

06 Jul
Piper Alpha oil rig ablaze

28 Jul
Ashdown to lead Britain's third party

10 Aug
Mysterious seal disease spreads

09 Sep
Indian cricket tour 'cancelled'

10 Sep
BBC presenters in helicopter crash

24 Sep
Gold for Johnson in 100m sprint

27 Sep
Johnson stripped of Olympic gold

30 Sep
'SAS killed lawfully' - Gibraltar jury

29 Sep
Shuttle blasts US back into space

09 Oct
Latvia cries freedom from Moscow

13 Oct
Government loses Spycatcher battle

20 Oct
New law could erode right to silence

02 Nov
Dead heat in Israel elections

02 Dec
Bangladesh cyclone 'worst for 20 years'

03 Dec
Egg industry fury over salmonella claim

10 Dec
Death toll rises in Armenian earthquake

12 Dec
35 dead in Clapham rail collision

21 Dec
Jumbo jet crashes onto Lockerbie

24 Dec
Oilfields crippled after storage ship drifts

26 Dec
First clue to Lockerbie crash found

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