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04 Jan
Thin Lizzy star dies

09 Jan
Heseltine quits over Westland

28 Jan
Seven dead in space shuttle disaster

24 Jan
Leon Brittan quits over Westland

03 Feb
Pope and Mother Teresa feed the sick

15 Feb
Printers and police clash in Wapping

20 Feb
Soviets launch space station Mir

22 Feb
Filipino coup leaders tell Marcos to go

28 Feb
Swedish prime minister assassinated

31 Mar
Greater London Council abolished

02 Apr
Bomb tears hole in airliner over Greece

05 Apr
Berlin disco bombed

07 Apr
Sinclair sells computer business

08 Apr
Eastwood voted mayor by landslide

15 Apr
US launches air strikes on Libya

28 Apr
Soviets admit nuclear accident

29 Apr
Simple funeral rites for Duchess

03 May
Bomb kills 21 in Sri Lanka

19 May
South African raids wreck peace bid

10 Jun
Magee convicted of Brighton bombing

12 Jun
Labour expels Militant Hatton

24 Jun
Ian Paisley's battle cry condemned

26 Jun
Branson on course for Blue Riband

27 Jun
US guilty of backing Contras

29 Jun
Branson beats Atlantic speed record

12 Jul
Orange Parade sparks riots

23 Jul
Prince Andrew weds Sarah Ferguson

30 Jul
Parents appeal for missing agent

21 Aug
Hundreds gassed in Cameroon lake disaster

21 Aug
Giant glacier threatens eco disaster

22 Aug
Police chief cleared of misconduct

29 Aug
UK's oldest twins turn 100

05 Sep
Karachi hijack ends in bloodshed

08 Sep
Pinochet survives rebel ambush

16 Sep
Kinross Miners 'killed where they stood'

19 Sep
Two dead in Midlands rail crash

12 Oct
Reykjavik summit ends in failure

24 Oct
UK cuts links with Syria over bomb plot

26 Oct
Archer quits over prostitute allegations

28 Oct
'Evil' Bamber jailed for family murders

01 Nov
Chemical spill turns Rhine red

02 Nov
US hostage freed in Beirut

06 Nov
Oil workers die in helicopter crash

17 Nov
French car chief shot dead

20 Nov
Police renew hunt for Moors victims

01 Dec
Surprise inquiry into Guinness affairs

11 Dec
BBC Aids slogan angers church

23 Dec
Sakharov comes in from the cold

29 Dec
Harold Macmillan dies

30 Dec
Coal mine canaries made redundant

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