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05 Jan
Israel ends major Ethiopian rescue mission

10 Jan
Safety concerns over electronic trike

10 Jan
Gas blast kills eight in Putney

29 Jan
Thatcher snubbed by Oxford dons

16 Feb
Falklands' row civil servant resigns

03 Mar
Miners call off year-long strike

08 Mar
Beirut car bomb kills dozens

11 Mar
Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader

11 May
Fans killed in Bradford stadium fire

31 May
English teams banned after Heysel

01 Jun
Hippies clash with police at Stonehenge

02 Jun
Uefa bans English clubs from Europe

23 Jun
Air India jet crashes killing 329

25 Jun
Police hunt IRA resort bombs

30 Jun
Beirut ordeal ends for US hostages

04 Jul
Teenage genius gets a first

07 Jul
Boris Becker wins Wimbledon at 17

10 Jul
Rainbow Warrior sinks after explosion

13 Jul
Live Aid makes millions for Africa

13 Aug
Heart-lung transplant makes history

15 Aug
Virgin voyage ends in disaster

23 Aug
West German spy chief defects to East

26 Aug
Budd smashes 5,000m record

28 Aug
East Germans charged with espionage

04 Sep
Titanic wreck captured on film

14 Sep
USSR expels 25 in tit-for-tat spy row

15 Sep
Europe wins Ryder Cup

19 Sep
Mexico suffers devastating earthquake

28 Sep
Riots in Brixton after police shooting

01 Oct
Riots erupt in Toxteth and Peckham

06 Oct
Policeman killed in Tottenham riots

07 Oct
Gunmen hijack Italian cruise liner

03 Nov
Agents plead guilty in Rainbow Warrior trial

09 Nov
America welcomes Charles and Diana

13 Nov
Volcano kills thousands in Colombia

15 Nov
Anglo-Irish agreement signed

19 Nov
Superpower summit 'off to good start'

24 Nov
Commandoes storm hijacked plane

27 Nov
Kinnock moves against Militant

29 Nov
'Gas blast' kills five in Glasgow

21 Nov
Superpowers aim for 'safer world'

18 Dec
Drug traffickers' appeal rejected

27 Dec
Gunmen kill 16 at two European airports

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