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06 Jan
Danes raid British fishing grounds

14 Jan
Man shot by police hunting David Martin

17 Jan
BBC wakes up to morning TV

31 Jan
British drivers ordered to belt up

06 Feb
'Butcher of Lyon' returns to face trial

08 Feb
Sharon quits after massacre inquiry

09 Feb
Police hunt Shergar's kidnappers

10 Feb
British police on trail of mass murderer

20 Feb
Hundreds die in Assam poll violence

23 Mar
Reagan launches Cold War into space

13 Mar
Nkomo flees Zimbabwe 'death threats'

28 Mar
Macgregor named as coal boss

01 Apr
Human chain links nuclear sites

25 Apr
'Hitler diaries' published

20 May
Car bomb in South Africa kills 16

09 Jun
Thatcher wins landslide victory

23 Jun
Pope meets banned union leader Walesa

24 Jun
US astronaut Sally Ride returns

19 Jul
Flesh-eating dinosaur resurrected

26 Jul
Mother loses contraception test case

21 Aug
Filipino opposition leader shot dead

01 Sep
Korean airliner 'shot down'

25 Sep
Dozens escape in Maze break-out

02 Oct
'Dream ticket' wins Labour leadership

14 Oct
Parkinson quits over lovechild scandal

20 Oct
Grenada's prime minister 'assassinated'

22 Oct
CND march attracts biggest ever crowd

23 Oct
Beirut blasts kill US and French troops

24 Oct
Nilsen 'strangled and mutilated' victims

25 Oct
US troops invade Grenada

16 Nov
England fans rampage in Luxembourg

26 Nov
25m gold heist at Heathrow

04 Dec
IRA gunmen shot dead in SAS ambush

06 Dec
Transplant makes British medical history

07 Dec
Tomcat halts steeplejack

08 Dec
Television cameras allowed into Lords

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