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16 Jan
Gunmen shoot civil rights campaigner

18 Jan
Nine die in New Cross house fire

21 Jan
Tehran frees US hostages after 444 days

22 Jan
Murdoch bids to take over Times

25 Jan
Dissident Labour MPs plan new party

18 Feb
Thatcher gives in to miners

23 Feb
Rebel army seizes control in Spain

24 Feb
Prince Charles and Lady Di to marry

09 Mar
M5 rapist jailed for life

15 Mar
Pakistani jet hostages released

23 Mar
New measures to contain farm disease

24 Mar
Biggs rescued after kidnapping

26 Mar
'Gang of four' launches new party

29 Mar
Triumph at first London Marathon

30 Mar
President Reagan is shot

10 Apr
Hunger striker elected MP

11 Apr
Brixton ablaze after riot

05 May
Bobby Sands dies in prison

12 May
Second IRA protester dies in jail

13 May
Thousands see Pope shot in Rome

26 May
Italy in crisis as cabinet resigns

30 May
Bangladeshi president assassinated

07 Jun
Israel bombs Baghdad nuclear reactor

13 Jun
Queen shot at by youth

22 Jun
Chapman pleads guilty to Lennon murder

05 Jul
Police attacked in Liverpool riots

18 Jul
Violence erupts at Irish hunger strike protest

29 Jul
Charles and Diana marry

09 Aug
Second killer escapes from Broadmoor

03 Oct
IRA Maze hunger strikes at an end

06 Oct
Egypt's President Sadat assassinated

24 Oct
CND rally attracts thousands

30 Oct
Euthanasia chief jailed over suicides

25 Nov
Brixton riots report blames racial tension

10 Dec
Mystery disease kills homosexuals

13 Dec
Military crackdown on Polish people

20 Dec
Lifeboat crew missing after mission

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