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14 Jan
Heiress Lesley Whittle kidnapped

11 Feb
Tories choose first woman leader

13 Feb
Miners set for 35 per cent pay rises

27 Feb
PC murder linked to IRA bomb factory

28 Feb
Dozens killed in Moorgate Tube crash

04 Mar
Comic genius Chaplin is knighted

07 Mar
Kidnapped heiress found strangled

25 Mar
Saudi's King Faisal assassinated

25 Mar
National Front rallies against Europe

13 Apr
Beirut street battle leaves 17 dead

13 Apr
'Cambridge rapist' strikes again

21 Apr
Vietnam's President Thieu resigns

24 Apr
Baader-Meinhof blow up embassy

26 Apr
Labour votes to leave the EEC

30 Apr
Saigon surrenders

24 May
Journalists leave fallen Saigon

09 Jun
First live broadcast of Parliament

06 Jun
UK embraces Europe in referendum

12 Jun
Gandhi found guilty of corruption

19 Jun
Missing earl guilty of murder

05 Jul
Ashe's Wimbledon win makes history

19 Aug
Davis campaigners stop Test match

26 Aug
Rhodesia peace talks fail

05 Sep
London Hilton bombed

22 Sep
Bomb blasts rock Northern Ireland

24 Sep
First Britons conquer Everest

01 Oct
Muhammad Ali wins 'Thrilla in Manila'

03 Oct
London's Spaghetti House siege ends

09 Oct
Man killed in Piccadilly bomb blast

10 Oct
Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarry

21 Oct
Herrema kidnappers under siege

29 Oct
Franco's 36-year reign ends

03 Nov
North Sea oil begins to flow

07 Nov
IRA kidnappers release industrialist

11 Nov
Divided Angola gets independence

20 Nov
Spanish dictator Franco dies

27 Nov
TV presenter Ross McWhirter shot dead

29 Nov
Graham Hill killed in air crash

06 Dec
Couple under siege in Balcombe Street

11 Dec
Attack on British vessels heightens Cod War

12 Dec
Balcombe Street siege ends

29 Dec
New laws to end battle of the sexes

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