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04 Feb
Soldiers and children killed in coach bombing

07 Feb
Heath calls snap election over miners

08 Feb
Americans end outer space marathon

14 Feb
Russian author charged with treason

15 Feb
No hope of survivors from missing Gaul trawler

03 Mar
Turkish jet crashes killing 345

06 Mar
Miners' strike comes to an end

11 Mar
'Anti-IRA spies' break out of jail

15 Mar
Architect jailed over corruption

25 Apr
Rebels seize control of Portugal

15 May
Teenagers die in Israeli school attack

16 May
Dozens die as Israel retaliates for Ma'alot

17 May
Bombs devastate Dublin and Monaghan

19 May
Giscard d'Estaing voted French president

28 May
Strikes topple NI power-sharing body

15 Jun
Man dies in race rally clashes

17 Jun
IRA bombs parliament

24 Jun
Labour rift over nuclear test

29 Jun
First female president for Argentina

12 Jul
Shankly quits Liverpool

17 Jul
Bomb blast at the Tower of London

21 Jul
Cyprus conflict spills into London

23 Jul
Greek military rule gives in to democracy

24 Jul
Nixon 'must hand over Watergate tapes'

30 Jul
Peace deal for Cyprus

08 Aug
President Nixon to resign from office

09 Aug
Ford takes over as Nixon quits

25 Aug
Human cannonball misses target

29 Aug
Rock fans clash with police at festival

02 Oct
Cannabis 'causes brain damage'

05 Oct
Four dead in Guildford bomb blasts

11 Oct
Labour scrapes working majority

16 Oct
Maze prison goes up in flames

22 Oct
Bomb blast in London club

28 Oct
Minister's wife survives bomb attack

04 Nov
M62 bomber jailed for life

08 Nov
Police hunt Lord Lucan after murder

08 Nov
Man jailed for forging PM's signature

21 Nov
Birmingham pub blasts kill 19

24 Nov
Six charged over Birmingham pub bombs

15 Dec
New speed limit to curb fuel use

18 Dec
Compensation for Bloody Sunday victims

22 Dec
Heath's home is bombed

24 Dec
'Drowned' Stonehouse found alive

25 Dec
Cyclone Tracy leaves Darwin devastated

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