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01 Jan
Britain joins the EEC

11 Jan
First Open University degrees awarded

15 Jan
Nixon orders ceasefire in Vietnam

19 Jan
Super tug to defend fishing fleet

23 Jan
Nixon announces Vietnam peace deal

04 Feb
Vietnam observers' struggle for peace

01 Mar
Palestinian gunmen hold diplomats in Sudan

05 Mar
Mid-air collision kills 68

09 Mar
Northern Ireland votes for union

10 Mar
British officials shot dead in Bermuda

26 Mar
Stock Exchange admits women

08 Apr
Art master Picasso dies

30 Apr
Nixon takes rap for Watergate scandal

01 May
Thousands strike over pay and prices

20 May
Royal Navy moves to protect trawlers

31 May
US Senate stops Cambodia bombing

09 Jul
Bahamas' sun sets on British Empire

30 Jul
Final deal for thalidomide victims

31 Jul
Chaotic meeting of Belfast Assembly

02 Aug
Dozens die in resort fire

05 Aug
Athens attack leaves three dead

21 Aug
'Bloody Sunday' inquest accuses Army

10 Sep
Bomb blasts rock central London

10 Sep
Big Biba opens its doors

11 Sep
President overthrown in Chile coup

26 Sep
Concorde slashes Atlantic flight time

06 Oct
Arab states attack Israeli forces

08 Oct
Commercial radio joins UK airwaves

14 Oct
Thai army shoots protesters

20 Oct
Dalai Lama makes first UK visit

14 Nov
IRA gang convicted of London bombings

14 Nov
Crowds cheer marriage of Princess Anne

25 Nov
Army deposes 'hated' Greek president

01 Dec
Israel's founding father dies

09 Dec
Sunningdale Agreement signed

20 Dec
Spanish prime minister assassinated

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