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09 Jan
Miners strike against government

13 Jan
Ghana PM ousted in bloodless coup

18 Jan
Rhodesia's former leader arrested

20 Jan
UK unemployment tops one million

30 Jan
Army kills 13 in civil rights protest

02 Feb
British embassy in Dublin destroyed

16 Feb
Miners' strike turns off the lights

22 Feb
IRA bomb kills six at Aldershot barracks

25 Feb
Miners call off crippling coal strike

21 Feb
Nixon makes historic visit to China

23 Feb
Hijackers surrender and free Lufthansa crew

08 Mar
TWA jet explodes at Las Vegas airport

31 Mar
CND begins march to Aldermaston

10 Apr
Earthquake kills thousands in Iran

19 Apr
'Bloody Sunday' report excuses Army

20 Apr
Apollo 16 safely on Moon after engine crisis

09 May
Israeli commandos storm hijacked jet

18 May
Duke too ill for tea with the Queen

22 May
President Nixon arrives in Moscow

26 May
Thomas Cook packaged and sold

29 May
Japanese kill 26 at Tel Aviv airport

30 May
Official IRA declares ceasefire

03 Jun
Protestant march ends in battle

05 Jun
Duke of Windsor laid to rest

14 Jun
Pilots threaten worldwide strike

18 Jun
UK's worst air crash kills 118

23 Jun
Chancellor orders pound flotation

10 Jul
Whitelaw's secret meeting with IRA

28 Jul
National dock strike begins

04 Aug
Governor Wallace's attacker jailed

07 Aug
Asians given 90 days to leave Uganda

28 Aug
Prince William killed in plane crash

06 Sep
Olympic hostages killed in gun battle

18 Sep
Expelled Ugandans arrive in UK

19 Sep
Parcel bomb attack on Israeli embassy

06 Nov
Pay and price freeze aims to curb inflation

07 Nov
Nixon takes second term by landslide

26 Nov
Police foil IRA hospital rescue attempt

13 Dec
New offer for Thalidomide victims

14 Dec
Last Moon mission returns

19 Dec
Amin ultimatum to Uganda Britons

22 Dec
Survivors found 10 weeks after plane crash

23 Dec
Earthquake wreaks devastation in Nicaragua

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