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02 Jan
Sixty-six die in Scottish football disaster

12 Jan
British minister's home bombed

23 Jan
Britain allowed to sell arms to S Africa

25 Jan
Idi Amin ousts Uganda president

06 Feb
Man plays golf on the Moon

07 Feb
Swiss women get the vote

15 Feb
D-Day delivers new UK currency

24 Feb
UK restricts Commonwealth migrants

01 Mar
Workers down tools over union rights

08 Mar
Post strike ends with pay deal

29 Mar
Manson sent to gas chamber

29 Mar
Calley guilty of My Lai massacre

22 Apr
Haitian dictator dies

27 Apr
Protest disrupts Welsh language trial

11 May
Britain's oldest tabloid closes

12 May
Row rocks Rolling Stone wedding

15 Jun
Councils defy Thatcher milk ban

30 Jun
Space mission ends in tragedy

03 Jul
Doors' singer Jim Morrison found dead

08 Jul
British troops shoot Londonderry rioters

13 Jul
Death for Moroccan rebel leaders

14 Jul
Suicide note reveals murder confession

15 Jul
Seals shot by government decree

01 Aug
Apollo 15 finds rock from birth of Moon

06 Aug
Sailor's record 'wrong way' voyage

09 Aug
NI activates internment law

15 Aug
'V-sign' costs rider victory

09 Sep
British diplomat freed after eight months

30 Sep
'I arrested a KGB superspy'

13 Oct
Army blasts N Ireland border roads

23 Oct
Two women shot at Belfast checkpoint

31 Oct
Bomb explodes in Post Office tower

13 Nov
American probe orbits Mars

22 Nov
Six dead in Scottish mountain tragedy

28 Nov
Farmer cracks 'major smuggling ring'

03 Dec
Pakistan intensifies air raids on India

04 Dec
Bomb demolishes crowded Belfast pub

30 Dec
Iranians deported from Iraq

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