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28 Jan
Radiation alert following B-52 crash

31 Jan
Americans alarmed by 'Tet Offensive'

04 Feb
More Kenyan Asians flee to Britain

05 Feb
Trawler sinks - 18 feared dead

19 Feb
Damages for thalidomide children

24 Feb
South Vietnamese recapture Hue

26 Feb
Hospital blaze kills 21 patients

04 Apr
Martin Luther King shot dead

06 Apr
United States erupts in race violence

07 Apr
Jim Clark killed in car smash

10 Apr
Dozens die in NZ ferry disaster

14 Apr
Berlin student unrest worsens

20 Apr
Powell slates immigration policy

23 Apr
Decimal coins reach the high street

03 May
Surgeons conduct UK's first heart transplant

13 May
Workers join Paris student protest

24 May
De Gaulle: 'Back me or sack me'

29 May
Manchester Utd win European Cup

04 Jun
Dover begins bird purge

05 Jun
Robert Kennedy injured in shooting

08 Jun
James Earl Ray quizzed over King death

11 Jun
French student rebel arrives in UK

21 Jun
Egg board 'should be scrapped'

24 Jun
Rail go-slow begins

04 Jul
Alec Rose sails home

29 Jul
Pope renews birth control ban

21 Aug
Russia brings winter to 'Prague Spring'

16 Sep
Post Office backs first class service

27 Sep
Musical Hair opens as censors withdraw

02 Oct
Student riots threaten Mexico Olympics

02 Oct
Birth of sextuplets stuns Britain

05 Oct
Londonderry march ends in violence

17 Oct
Black athletes make silent protest

27 Oct
Police clash with anti-war protesters

06 Nov
Nixon wins close contest for president

26 Nov
Race discrimination law tightened

30 Nov
Shops told to stop conning customers

17 Dec
Mary Bell found guilty of double killing

24 Dec
First astronauts orbit Moon

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