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1985: 'We all hugged tight and cried'

The worst earthquake in Mexico's history claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people and injured 30,000.

Thousands of buildings were destroyed, power lines cut and about a quarter of a million people were left homeless.

Up until a week after the disaster, survivors were still being found, buried beneath the rubble.

Your memories of the earthquake

I was nine years old at that time and was getting dressed for school.

I started rocking my bed because I was playing with a toy car, however, after I stopped moving, the bed didn't and my grandmother started shouting for my mom to get us out of the house.

I tried to stand up from my bed and walk, but the quake was so strong that I bumped on the wall several times before reaching the door.

" We were lucky, but many others weren't "

The lamps were swinging and my mom could barely stand up holding my baby siblings.

Fortunately the quake didn't last long, but afterwards we turned on the TV and there was no signal. We later found Mexico's main TV station had collapsed.

My mom took me to school that day but were dismissed after seing that the school's front wall had fallen. I was dizzy all day long.

When dad arrived a few hours later we all hugged tight and cried. We were lucky, but many others weren't.

I will always remember those days because of the stench of death and the absence of TV signal.
Humberto Gumeta, Mexico

I was only six years old when the earthquake hit.

I remember very little except for two things. The first day as I was waking up I saw a couple of paintings on the wall shake and one of them fell off.

The second day, however, all I remember is being in the kitchen walking back to the dining room with a plate of soup in my hands, and then being on the floor, the plate of soup ahead of me and my mother screaming hysterically.

Everybody was on edge that day...
Samuel Mathieson, Mexico

I was five years old and my mother was preparing me to go to school

When the earth started moving we were sitting on the bed.

I felt just a little afraid. I wasn't aware of how terrible the earthquake was. Now I only remember that everybody was helping, doing anything they could.
Alma Liliana Mata, Mexico City

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