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1982: Remembering the Mary Rose recovery

King Henry VIII's warship the Mary Rose was raised out of the sea amidst great fanfare and publicity during a complicated and costly operation that almost went disastrously wrong.

Hundreds watched from boats in the Solent off the Hampshire coast as the 437-year old wreck was brought to the surface.

About 60 million people around the world saw the event, the first ever live broadcast from underwater.

Your memories:

Having been part of the project team for the previous three years as a diver/archaeologist I had to go and change my trousers when the lifting frame dropped onto the ship!!
Steve Liscoe, Scotland

I was lucky enough to actually dive on the Mary Rose site in the Seventies as part of the London Fire Brigade Sub Aqua unit.

It was quite early in the project, and only a few timbers and artefacts had been uncovered at the time.

It is a memory I will always treasure.
Chris Richards, Wales

As an eight-year-old I remember standing on Southsea promenade with my parents from about 7.00am onwards.

We waited in the cold, wet weather only for the morning to end in disappointment when lifting gear snapped.

We went home and watched the rest on telly - even then I think I realised I was watching something historic. Rob, UK

Roberta and I were enjoying a wonderful vacation and were delighted to witness, via TV, the recovery of the Mary Rose.

We were staying at a B&B in Yorkshire. During a subsequent vacation to the UK we visited the ship and the recovered artifacts at Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose was an important memory of our trips!
Tom & Roberta Sheppard, USA

I remember as a young child living in London (with an intense interest in history), being glued to the TV as we saw the jagged wreck break the surface for the first time in over 400 years.
Simon Martin, Canada

This is the most expensive piece of driftwood in the world!
Kevin Revell, Germany

I remember being at infants school, watching the lifting of the Mary Rose on TV, and how everyone gasped when part of the frame appeared to fall upon the wreck.

I think that's probably the most scary thing. Blue Peter were more than a little involved as well if I remember rightly.
Colin Townsend, UK

I was 10. Our teacher made us sit through it on TV for the whole day.

It was boring beyond belief, as I had a very limited knowledge of naval architecture and salvage at that age.

Mrs Faulkner, if you're out there - it wasn't worth it.
Dominic Howden, UK

It was my son's 10th birthday and he was having a party at home with about 10 friends so I was getting the food ready, baking etc whilst trying to watch the ship being raised on TV.

When part of the frame collapsed I was in another room and had to race back to the TV as I thought Mary Rose was on her way back to the bottom of the Solent.

The birthday party went ok and the next day he decided to build a Lego model of the whole event. This remained on the coffee table for about two months afterwards.
Denise Wilden, UK

I would have been nine years old at the time of the salvage of the Mary Rose. I can remember our classes ending early so the teacher could herd us all into the school hall to watch it on TV.

I disinctly remember thinking that I couldn't really tell what it was other than bits of rotten wood.
Lynn Starling, UK

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