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1958: 'Bonny' Prince Albert of Monaco born

A celebratory 101-gun salute has been fired in Monaco after Princess Grace - formerly film star Grace Kelly - gave birth to a son.

In spite of elaborate arrangements made for announcing the birth, the world learnt about the baby's arrival when a woman at a palace window shouted to waiting journalists: "It's a boy, it's a boy".

The 8lb 11oz baby who was born at just before 1100 local time is to be named Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre.

He will be known as Prince Albert.

"It is a bonny, bonny prince"

Margaret Kelly, Princess Grace's mother

The baby takes automatic precedence over his one-year-old sister, Princess Caroline.

The young princess appeared on a palace balcony in the arms of her father, Prince Rainier III, shortly after her brother was born.

Prince Rainier later broadcast an address to the nation announcing the Crown Prince's birth.

Speaking to journalists, the princess' mother, Margaret Kelly said both her daughter and the baby were doing well.

"It is a bonny, bonny prince," Mrs Kelly said.


Flags and flowers have been put up all over the principality and tomorrow has been declared a public holiday.

It is also expected that Prince Rainier will pardon all six prisoners in Monaco's jail.

The new baby makes doubly sure control of Monaco will not pass to its neighbour France after the death of Prince Rainier.

A treaty between the two countries in 1918 stipulated if there was ever no heir to Monaco's throne the principality would become subject to French laws.

Prince Rainier, 35, has ruled Monaco since 1949.

He succeeded his grandfather to become the country's 31st ruler.

In Context
Seven years later Princess Grace had her third child, Princess Stephanie.

Grace Kelly appeared in her first film in 1951.

She made 11 films before giving up her career when she married Prince Rainier in 1956.

Princess Grace was killed in a car crash in September 1982 after her car went off a cliff road in Monaco.

Princess Stephanie, who was in the car with her mother, was injured in the crash but survived.

Prince Rainier died in April 2005. His son Albert took over as head of state in July, following a three-month period of mourning.

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