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1968: Robert Kennedy injured in shooting

VIDEO : Images from before and after the shooting

Senator Robert Kennedy has been shot and seriously wounded shortly after giving a victory speech to celebrate his win in the California Primary in a Los Angeles hotel.

Mr Kennedy has been taken to the Hospital of the Good Samaritan where he is undergoing emergency brain surgery.

The 42-year-old senator was greeting hotel workers while being escorted through the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel when a gunman, named as Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan, fired shots from a .22 calibre gun.

Pandemonium broke out

He was was reported to shout "I did it for my country" after carrying out the attack.

The 24-year-old was immediately set upon by Mr Kennedy's bodyguards and then arrested and taken away by police.

It is thought Mr Kennedy's well documented support for Israel led to the attack.

Five other people were also injured but not seriously.

Mr Kennedy was on his way to a press conference in the hotel.

A witness said "Pandemonium broke out because it was a really narrow passageway - probably only about four to five people abreast could get through. Everyone was trying to get in there. It seemed like an awful long time before the ambulances got here."

Mr Kennedy is favourite in the running to be named as the Democrat candidate in the next election.

Robert Kennedy is the younger brother of President John Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963 as he travelled in an open-top car in Dallas.

In Context
Robert Kennedy's death was announced the following day. The surgery failed to save him but had he been saved, he would probably have suffered massive brain damage.

Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1969 following a four month trial.

The sentence was commuted to life in prison which he is still serving. Numerous applications for parole have been turned down.

There are many theories about the death of Robert Kenndy disputing the conviction of Sirhan Sirhan.

Conflicting reports of events, the trajectory of the bullets and the number of bullet holes found compared with the round of bullets in the fired gun have all led people to suggest possible conspiracy theories.

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