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08 Jan Vietnam forces Khmer Rouge retreat

10 Jan 'No chaos here' declares Callaghan

16 Jan Shah of Iran flees into exile

22 Jan Public sector strike paralyses country

01 Feb Exiled Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran

02 Feb Sid Vicious dies from drugs overdose

09 Feb Forest break football transfer record

11 Feb Victory for Khomeini as army steps aside

17 Feb China invades Vietnam

22 Mar British ambassador assassinated in Holland

13 Mar Grenada leader ousted by coup

18 Mar Three die in Golborne mine blast

28 Mar Nuclear leak causes alarm in America

28 Mar Early election as Callaghan defeated

30 Mar Car bomb kills Airey Neave

04 Apr Deposed Pakistani PM is executed

14 Apr New president for war-torn Uganda

23 Apr Teacher dies in Southall race riots

04 May Election victory for Margaret Thatcher

25 May Price of milk shoots up

02 Jun Millions cheer as the Pope comes home

18 Jun Leaders agree arms reduction treaty

22 Jun Thorpe cleared of murder charges

05 Jul Queen oversees Manx millennium

11 Jul Skylab tumbles back to Earth

17 Jul Sandinista rebels take Nicaraguan capital

09 Aug Brighton bares all

14 Aug Freak storm hits yacht race

14 Aug Disgraced ex-MP released from jail

23 Aug Kurdish revolt grows in Iran

27 Aug IRA bomb kills Lord Mountbatten

27 Aug Soldiers die in Warrenpoint massacre

02 Sep Ripper suspected of 12th murder

05 Sep Mountbatten buried after final parade

05 Sep 'You can't buy that sort of pride'

21 Sep Harrier crash kills three

29 Sep Pope calls for peace in Ireland

03 Oct Anti-racists tackle South African rugby tourists

26 Oct South Korean President killed

28 Oct Chairman Hua arrives in London

04 Nov Militants storm US embassy in Tehran

13 Nov Times returns after year-long dispute

16 Nov Blunt revealed as 'fourth man'

21 Nov Mob destroys US embassy in Pakistan

07 Dec Lord Soames to govern Rhodesia

10 Dec Daredevil Kidd's 80ft river jump

20 Dec Council tenants will have 'right to buy'

24 Dec Europe launches first rocket

26 Dec Joy as guerrillas fly in to Rhodesia

28 Dec Tay Bridge rail disaster remembered
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