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1945: Celebrating VE Day
The end of the war in Europe came on 8 May 1945, after more than five years of conflict.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced the news to a joyous nation on a radio broadcast from 10 Downing Street.

He told people they could allow themselves a "brief period of rejoicing", but warned listeners not to forget the continuing war in Japan.

Throughout the country, crowds took to the streets to celebrate victory and in London tens of thousands gathered outside Buckingham Palace to cheer the King and Queen.

Your memories

I was 14 when the war in Europe ended.

At work as we were leaving for home on the 7th May we were told the war was likely to end tomorrow.

If so were told to take the day off. When the announcement came a friend and I decided to go to London and we duly arrived at Waterloo and walked across the bridge to Trafalgar square after a few hours with the revellers we returned to Wimbledon but decided to return to London later.

This time we waited until it was nearly dark and went on a tram to London Bridge.

There were bonfires on some of the bomb sites and lights in some of the shops.

Arriving once again to a very crowded Trafalgar Square we could see Nelson lit up by a searchlight.

We pushed our way into the square but a car was in our way. As I went around it a girl in uniform tripped and literally fell at my feet.

I picked her up and with a big smile she planted a Kiss full on my mouth.

Some of the other memories have faded but now at 74 years old I will ALWAYS remember my first real kiss!
Keith Hume, UK

At the time I was just five years old living in Catford, London. I can remember the cul-de-sac where I lived being turned into a great party.

My uncle, who was lodging with my parents, was into electrics and he rigged up a line of speakers in the road and played scratchy 78s.

Everybody spent the evening dancing and celebrating. I was too young to understand the real meaning of the event, but the joy of the occasion certainly has made a lasting impression with me.
Bernard O'Connor, UK

8 May 1945 in Vancouver BC. The radio news of the end of the awful war saw me, age 14, joining some 100,000 happy, cheering people at Granville and Georgia streets.

People sang as they waved the Allied flags: Canada, UK, US, USSR, France, etc. A joyful universal feeling of peace, thanks and harmony united us - we were one!
Arnet Tuffs, Canada

I was three years eight months old when VE Day dawned. I remember very well my mother hearing on the radio that the shops were to close at midday.

I was put in my push chair and my mother rushed me to Southgate town centre where she bought some bread at Strawbridge's the bakers (by the police station).

I remember that they used to deliver bread using a horse and cart and round the back of the bakery were their stables.
Michael Ginn, England

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Children on VE Day
The end of the war in Europe came on 8 May 1945

VE Day street party
Crowds of people took to the streets all over the UK

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