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1979: Memories of Sid
On 2 February 1979, former Sex Pistol Sid Vicious was found dead in his New York apartment by his mother.

He had died of a heroin overdose while awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend.

Here is a selection of your emails on the demise of a member of Britain's most famous punk rock band.

I remember this whole thing was a massive news story in the UK at the time.

My complete and utter fascination with the Pistols and The Clash was at its peak at this time, and having just started my first "real" job, I was trying to limit my Holsten Pils intake and this news didnt help my sombre mood.

I remember hearing this on the radio as I drove to work in my mum's old Morris Oxford (one of the rare days that the wipers and the radio worked together).
Dave Morrell, USA .

I was 10 years old when the media convinced the nation to be disgusted at the band.

When I was 12, I realised it was the media who were disgusting and that the original and only true punk band were the biggest thing since Rock 'n' Roll.

They were f***ing talented too!
Marcus, UK

The first record I bought was My Way by Sid Vicious - the Pistols changed things for ever.

Sid came into the band later but had an explosive effect that seemed to sum up the moment, not just in the band but in time.

In a year when Vivienne Westwood meets the Queen as a dame it's good to remember Sid and what it as all about! I wonder what he would have made of X factor!
Stuart Knight, UK

I was a junior at Tupelo High School in Tupelo, Mississippi. My English Literature teacher, Mrs Calms, walked into the classroom, paused, and then looked at me.

"One of the Sex Pistols is dead," she said. "I just heard it on the Paul Harvey show."

I sat there for a moment, got up, walked out of the school and went home, where I stole three Budweisers from my father. I then went out to the East end of town and sat on the front porch of the Elvis Presley birthplace and toasted Sid and rock and roll.
Chico Harris, USA

I was a schoolboy when it happened. My mother would never let me listen to the Sex Pistols, or punk. With the death of Sid I knew that something important had passed me by.

I'm 38 now and all my friends still have something to say on the matter except me so you see, thanks to Sid I'm still an outcast.

But also thanks to Sid I have vowed never to censor from my children like I was, therefore thanks to Sid my children are growing up with an open and well balanced minds.

Thanks Sid, you are always in my thoughts - CD number 6 in my car.
Phil, UK

It signalled the end of three unbelievable years of glorious mayhem when everything was turned on its head. it was great to have been part of it.
Phil, Bermuda

I had spent the previous evening travelling from Edinburgh to London by bus. I arrived to find the rain pouring down. I went to Kings Rd very early in the morning to find a copy of The Sun in the gutter all wet and trodden on and the front cover contained news of Sid's sordid end. How appropriate.
Jiro, Scotland

The Sex Pistols shook up the whole of the music world. Sid was the anti-hero we all loved and loathed at the same time. An icon for a generation of unemployed, bored and angry youths.

His death showed us the reality of being a music industry puppet in the boy band to end all boy bands. RIP Sid.
Steve Toddington, UK

I think Sid Vicious and Nancy were meant to be. They will always be in my heart and I hope on all you people who live, they are in your hearts too. They will always be rememebered.
Ana, California

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Sid Vicious - Copyright: God Save the Sex Pistols
Sid Vicious, born John Ritchie, died 25 years ago of a drugs overdose

Three punks from Oslo, Norway
"An icon for a generation of unemployed, bored and angry youths"
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