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7 November  
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1984: Four more years for Reagan
Ronald Reagan has been elected for a second term as US President in the biggest landslide since George Washington ran unopposed in 1792.

He beat his Democratic opponent, Walter Mondale, in all but one of the 50 states of America.

The popular vote went 59% to 41% in Mr Reagan's favour, translating into 525 electoral college votes out of the total of 538.

The 73-year-old led in every major block of voters except blacks, Jews and trade unionists.

Mr Mondale's only consolation came from the tiny district of Columbia, which accounted for only three of the 538 electoral votes.

He secured just 13 votes overall.

'Old campaigner'

In a speech last night, Mr Reagan returned to the same car park where he finished his previous campaign four years ago at the Fashion Valley shopping centre in San Diego.

"It's great to be in San Diego, my good luck town," he said.

"Thank you for how easy you are making it for an old campaigner."

When Mr Reagan arrived in Los Angeles to celebrate his victory, supporters shouted his campaign slogan: "Four more years!".

The President replied: "I think that's been arranged."

Polls suggest that the improvement in the economy increased Mr Reagan's support and proved to be the overwhelming issue securing his second term.

Mr Mondale's warnings about the eventual effect of the federal budget deficit proved ineffective as only 14% of voters mentioned it as a concern and nearly half of them still voted for the president.

Mr Reagan's challenger said he would now practise law in Washington and the only role he will take up at this point is the role of "a Democrat in America."

The president has expressed his continued commitment to his plans for a "star wars" system of strategic defence against incoming Soviet nuclear missiles.

Mr Reagan said he wanted to meet the Soviet leadership to discuss reducing nuclear arms.

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Ronald Reagan
Polls suggest that President Reagan won the election on the economy

In Context
The election victory was a landslide for Ronald Reagan and an embarrassing defeat for Walter Mondale who suffered the personal humiliation of earning the title of America's biggest political loser.

President Reagan's second term in office was dominated by arms control talks with the USSR along with US arms sales to Iran.

He also ordered an air strike in 1986 on Libya in response to a terror attack 10 days before on a discotheque in West Berlin.

His popularity plummeted later that year after discloure of his secret approval of US arms sales to Iran to try to win the release of American hostages in the Middle East.

Following three years of negotatiations he eventually signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 1987 - the first treaty to reduce the size of ground-based nuclear arsenals - with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

He also challenged the Soviet Union to dismantle the Berlin Wall.

It was another two years before it was eventually taken down.

He died aged 93 in June 2004.

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