Israel and Lebanon agree to a ceasefire, but Gaza still faces air strikes

Ehud Olmert and Tony Blair
02:07 mins

Israeli naval officer keeps watch
01:28 mins

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan
01:39 mins

Kofi Annan
02:32 mins

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah
02:21 mins

French UN peacekeeper in Lebanon
01:23 mins

UN forces in Lebanon
03:54 mins

Girl in hospital in Tyre
02:04 mins

Scene of Israeli raid near Baalbek
01:19 mins

UN troops in Lebanon
01:30 mins

Lebanese troop convoy
02:06 mins

Woman walking in ruins in Lebanon
02:16 mins

Israeli reserve soldiers
01:42 mins

Smoke rises from a building hit by a missile in Tyre, southern Lebanon
01:45 mins

Acting Lebanese foreign minister at the UN
02:09 mins

Lebanese woman desperate for food
01:56 mins

An Israeli tank
01:54 mins

Arab league delegation
01:31 mins

Destroyed building
01:48 mins

Fireman dousing burning car
02:03 mins

03:15 mins

Ehud Olmert
03:37 mins

Rescue workers in Qana
02:37 mins

Emergency medical teams arrive to help the injured after the Israeli air strike on the southern Lebanese town of Qana
03:05 mins

Convoy under attack
04:11 mins

The UN post before it was destroyed
03:30 mins

Israeli tank entering Lebanon
02:44 mins

02:23 mins

Hezbollah targets being bombed
02:17 mins

Lebanese soldier carrying a coffin
02:25 mins

Beirut's port under attack
02:23 mins

Israeli soldier close to the Israeli-Lebanese border
01:55 mins

Tony Blair and Mahmoud Abbas
02:08 mins

American Steve Centanni and New Zealander Olaf Wiig
02:05 mins

Olaf Wiig, 36, and Steve Centanni, 60
02:09 mins

A Palestinian girl
02:01 mins

One of the destroyed homes in Gaza
03:36 mins

A Palestinian child in her home after an Israeli air strike
02:02 mins

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
07:25 mins

Gaza resident
02:37 mins

Israeli troops on the Gaza border
02:58 mins

An Israeli army artillery fires a shell towards the Gaza Strip
01:59 mins

At the scene of the latest attack in Gaza
01:43 mins

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