The spread of the bird flu outbreak from Asia to Europe

Bird Flu virus
07:08 mins

Man vaccinating a bird
01:26 mins

A chicken vendor in a market in northern Sumatra
02:01 mins

Chicken in Jakarta, 04 April 2006.
01:43 mins

03:17 mins

Butcher's shop in France
01:47 mins

Bird flu vaccine
04:13 mins

A duck being vaccinated on a French poultry farm
01:36 mins

01:28 mins

A wild duck in France
02:10 mins

02:29 mins

A swan
01:07 mins

Birds in Nigeria
00:57 mins

Man in protective gear
01:37 mins

A chicken
01:46 mins

02:33 mins

Disposing of a dead bird
01:36 mins

A Romanian police officer holds a culled duck
02:04 mins

Migrating birds
01:28 mins

Vietnamese poultry worker inspects a goose
01:02 mins

Young chickens in Hong Kong
02:01 mins

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