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Google to list top 100 searches

22 May 07 14:17

A feature listing the day's 100 fastest-rising search requests has been unveiled by Google.

The chart, part of the search system's trends service, will be refreshed several times a day using data from millions of searches, the company said.

Requests for pornography, the weather, popular websites like and some celebrities will not be included.

Instead, Hot Trends will provide a glimpse of what is baffling and interesting web users from day to day.

The service merges elements of Zeitgeist and Trends - two existing products which give a glimpse of search habits but only based on weeks-old data.

Song titles

Software engineer Amit Patel, who worked on the project, said: "There are events going on all the time that most of us aren't aware of."

Examples of less obvious searches include one for "motion to recommit", a phrase that emerged during a congressional debate, and "I who have nothing", the title of a song sung by a contestant on TV's American Idol.

Google also says a large number of searches are made on the eve of college entrance examinations which appear to come from high school students doing last-minute preparations.

Mr Patel said the chart was likely to appeal to web researchers and journalists looking for story ideas.

He said links would be provided to news stories and blogs to help provide context.

"It's very entertaining and it's very addictive," he said.

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